Let Be [Tyrese Vaughan]

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Let Be [Tyrese Vaughan]

Postby Pac » August 8th, 2016, 7:36 pm

Tyrese Vaughan (giant otter) is ensnared in a controversy he's trying to move past and couldn't come at a worse time. Former teammate Casey Rucks tries his best to let the big otter know he's not alone.



The acreage behind the Wyatt’s Birmingham home teamed with activity of generations of family and neighbors arriving to celebrate Independence Day in usual fashion. For years it’d been Leroy’s family tradition to host any and all get-togethers, gatherings and celebrations, the incredibly friendly group of terriers welcoming any and all wanting to partake in whatever was joyous about that day. Their property was built for socializing and parties, with a large clearing on the edge of the woods that surrounded their spacious house being crowned with a bonfire that could be seen from AMU’s stadium, supposedly.

Scores arrived for the Wyatt’s famous Fourth of July barbecue and potluck, making the atmosphere of the muggy southern night down right enjoyable with cold drinks, good smells and raucous belly laughs. AMU alums were regulars at much of the Wyatt’s events, old teammates still in town crowding the backyard courts to show they still got it. The gloom and stigma of what once plagued the prominent university’s athletics was all but forgotten once the school started siring athletes the professional ranks started paying attention to once again. With Leroy and Casey already blazing the trail for AMU’s talent to excel both in the school and in the pros, newer, stronger expectations hoisted Tyrese Vaughan on the shoulders of giants. The giant otter had been an unexpected but much welcomed acquisition to a school that had often had trouble attracting outside talent. The city welcomed the mustelid miracle worker, but none were more excited about the AMU talent entering the draft than Rucks and Wyatt.

“I heard about Booker,” Casey said over the din of the usual commotion of a hot summer party. The hyena had been talking with Tyrese for the last half hour, the two former teammates leaning against the otter’s truck, tucked away from running kids and water guns. He hadn’t noticed that all the giant mustelid had been doing was mustering shallow nods and one word responses. However, his head quickly swung towards Casey at the mention of Booker.

“What about ‘em.” It wasn’t meant as a question, but he knew the hyena wouldn’t shelve the topic until he said something, anything. Casey shrugged, not knowing what he expected from the tight lipped center, tapping his empty soda can against his knee.

“You doin’ a’ight?” Casey mustered a response after a beat of silence between them. He could feel the otter resist rolling his eyes.

“Rucks, what did I tell—“

“I know, man, I know. I’m not trying to bother you about this. But, bro, you keep so much of this to yourself. You won’t talk publicly about it, you won’t tell us about it. And I get that—“

“Do you?” The New York otter’s fiercely deep voice interrupted the smaller hyena. He seemed unfazed by the curtness in his tone.

“But if there’s anything wrong, or anything you need to talk about, you know we got your back.”

The otter leaned back, his size exaggerated against the setting sun and the twilight sky. Since news of his former high school coach broke, everyone from the media to legal teams to family members hounded the mustelid for any information he might have had on what went on in those school locker rooms. He nipped it in the bud the moment the news broke, putting as much distance between the accusations and possibility he might be among his victims. But as more and more former students during Coach Lamar’s tenure come forward (Nate Booker being the latest), the otter’s silence on the matter became unacceptable to those wanting to see how far this drama unfolded. As City South High School’s arguably most high profile graduate, especially one who’s whole career hinged on the ousted coach’s efforts, Vaughan couldn’t escape the rumors, the questions. Casey didn’t want to be another one of those vultures, brow beating some form of the truth out of him, but he also didn’t want him to feel alone in the matter.

Casey accepted the silence between him and Vaughan. The New Yorker was never easy to get to know, though he knew enough. Though they bonded as teammates, prayed together once or twice, Casey knew their friendship was formal and conditional. He never expected the otter to open up to him, but he always felt it was his duty to let him know that he could, if he wanted.

“I know what you and the others are trying to do for me, Ruckus.” The otter’s tone was less harsh than before, but caution still laced it. “But there’s nothing to talk about. And I’m tired of being asked about it. I can’t be distracted by this mess right now. Let be.”

Casey nodded even though Vaughan wasn’t looking at him. A silence grew again.

“I know He’s testin’ me,” Vaughan muttered to himself, after a moment of deep thought. Casey apparently hadn’t caught it.


“Nothin’ man,” Tyrese got to his feet, bumping his giant fist against the hyenas. “Look, you know I appreciate you lookin’ out for me, fam. I ain’t got nothin’ to say about it though.”

Casey nodded, not entirely satisfied with the answer, but knowing it isn’t his place to pry. We’re all lookin’ out for ya, Casey thought to himself.

Fireworks fired off the Wyatt’s property capped off the night. With paper plates wrapped securely with foil in hand, neighbors and friends filtered out in a steady stream as the fires died down. Casey remained with Leroy, hoping to catch Tyrese on his way out, having not noticed that his truck had left long ago.
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Re: Let Be [Tyrese Vaughan]

Postby Harlow » August 8th, 2016, 8:46 pm

I loved this!

Amazing intro and so much in what is technically "so little" going on. 5 stars, great work Miss Pac :)

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Re: Let Be [Tyrese Vaughan]

Postby qovapryi » August 17th, 2016, 5:10 am

Loved this one, Pac. Your writing skills are as sharp as your art, and well...you just can't go wrong with Tyrese :)

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