FurSports.Net Special Report - Spirits

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FurSports.Net Special Report - Spirits

Postby JWolfman » May 31st, 2017, 1:24 pm

A statement by Tashira Rucson of FurSports-net

I have received rather shocking letter from an anonymous source that seems to reveal that Samuel Windance, owner of the Baltimore Spirits, demanded to General Manager Lina Khaldi that she pick a lapine player in the upcoming 2017 FBA Draft, ‘no matter what his or her skill’ is. This was not even the most shocking of all revelations…

* Mr. Windance was reportedly upset with Ms. Khaldi’s decision to trade Brax Trenor to Montana, stating that Trenor had long-term connections with Baltimore and had plans to install Trenor into a high-ranking administrative position within the Spirits organization upon the player’s retirement. In his anger, Mr. Windance used derogatory accusations about Ms. Khaldi, including anti-Muslim slurs due to her own religion.

* Mr. Windance seriously contemplated firing Ms. Khaldi over the Trenor trade, and when countered by his assistants and advisors in the voice recording that firing Ms. Khaldi in the middle of the season when the team was showing marked improvement over last year’s performance was a bad idea, Mr. Windance reacted in anger, stating that if he wasn’t going to fire her, he would instead bar her from attending Spirits home games.

* Mr. Windance expressed ‘disappointment’ that the winner of the Spirits Gauntlet promotion that occurred throughout the season was not a lapine. The winner was randomly chosen and it was a fennec fox that won the contest. Mr. Windance admitted to his advisors in the secret recording that he wanted to rig the contest.

* During the 2016 off-season, Mr. Windance pressured Ms. Khaldi to pursue aggressively on retaining lapine player Sarah Michelle Dunbar ‘at all costs’, and that if Dunbar signs with a different team in the off-season, Ms. Khaldi should immediately ‘resign’ from her duties.

* Mr. Windance repeatedly spoke against the Underwood Rule in private meetings, stating that he would ‘love to have a team full of bunnies as long as they can play good’. He had also mentioned that Arizona Whips player Lance Wyldfire should’ve been a Spirits player, if it weren’t for the ‘incompetence’ of his General Managers past and present.

Despite mentions throughout the letter of voice recordings, I have not received these voice recordings and thus I cannot validate the accuracy of these harsh accusations against the Spirits owner. However I feel I should publish this in order to provoke a response from the Spirits organization and spark an investigation in this matter.

If this is all true, the public should demand answers.

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