FurSports.Net Interview - Micah Davenport

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FurSports.Net Interview - Micah Davenport

Postby JWolfman » April 23rd, 2017, 6:46 pm

Tashira: "This is Tashira Rucson of FurSports-dot-net, and I'm here with the starting Small Forward for the Queens Pride, Micah Davenport. Mr. Davenport, thank you for taking the time for me to interview you."

Micah: “Of course, Ms. Ruscon. Pleasure to be here.”

Tashira: "You have surprised a lot of us when you won the three-point contest back during this year's All-Star Week. Did the victory surprise you as well?"

Micah: “Well, it came to me as a shock, yes. I was not expecting to be the winner of the Three-Point contest during All-Star Week. I was against some old and new talent but I remained calm and focused on setting up my standard.”

Tashira: "You're from Newark, where the Pride had a long history with. Was the Pride the team you wanted to draft you the most when you were a prospect?"

Micah: “To be honest, I was wanting to get away from Newark but when they decided to move the team to Queens, NY, I was relieved and decided to stay. Otherwise, I would have demanded a trade.”

Tashira: "Why did you feel such animosity toward the city?"

Micah: “Let’s say my nightmares happened there.”

Tashira: "Care to elaborate?"

Micah: “Sure. When I was in high school, freshman to be exact, me and my three best friends from elementary school, came up to me and sorta showed me the ropes to basketball. They told me I had talent and I was surprised I was getting recognized. Ever since then, we would always play on our turf. However, some punks decided to come up to us and start picking on us. The one that shot three of my friends was a mustelid. Mainly all due to some grudge the suspect had towards us. That’s why, Ms. Ruscon, I despised mustelids in my beginning of my career.”

Tashira: "The attitude you had toward mustelids had brought you some deal of trouble in the past, especially when you expressed such views in social media. Some of the biggest stars in the FBA are and were mustelids... do you still harbor such viewpoints toward them now?"

Micah: “I respect them, but it will be a process. You won’t see me going around with a torch and pitch-fork, chanting. “No mustelids!” I always thought that mustelids were always well, shitheads (pardon me for the language). But I met this player Phil Gale and Matt Silvius. Those two are the mustelids I’ve grown to respect them. Comparing my species thoughts then and now, I’m not bothered by them.”

Tashira: "You seemed to have struggled last season. How much of a culture shock did you had to go through from having success at a college level and then suddenly you're in the FBA?"

Micah: “Well, a lot actually. I did well during my college year but when I came into the FBA, stakes were higher. As for the speciest problem, I had to go through a lot of changes. Probably a two-year change to get some sense into me that the FBA WILL have mustelids. Hell, one of my teammates is one. In any case, pops showed me the ropes to what the world had to offer. Things were different once I saw the outside view.”

Tashira: "Do you feel that the team's move to Queens actually made you feel more at ease with the team, performance wise?"

Micah: "I suppose it did. However, I did not shine in my rookie year. After the first year, I took a hiatus to reflect back and think about what pops had said during those times in my break. Also, my boyfriend Vic Vos has taught me a few things too which help me cope with my anger and resentment towards mustelids and my overall performance."

Tashira: "Performance-wise, you have done better in your second year than when you were a rookie, but after this season, you will be a free agent for the first time in your career. Do you feel content playing for the Pride?"

Micah: "I am. Without a doubt. I love this team. And thanks to Adam for helping me out with a lot of things. I have a strong feeling we will win the Finals!"

Tashira: "What do you feel or believe was actually holding you down last season?"

Micah: "I think it was due to the players who are just impossible to handle I.e Sterling."

Tashira: "But those players, especially Sterling, isn't even in your team."

Micah: "And I let him get to me, Ms. Ruscon. I should be focusing on my own game and not worry about others, even those who are not on the same team."

Tashira: "Do you still feel the same way now about him?"

Micah: "Not really. I just know that he's an asshole and a whole lot more."

Tashira: "Other than having help from your father and also Mr. Vos, what did you go through during the off-season that changed your viewpoints and attitudes?"

Micah: "Just focused on my shots and my game. Nothing much really."

Tashira: "How often do you keep in touch with Mr. Vos? Is distance still an issue despite the relatively short distance between Queens and Baltimore?"

Micah: "Nah, we worked it out and managed to get ourselves situated. We still have to work out the details in the off season but for the most part, we have figured it out."

Tashira: "Well, that's all the questions I have for you tonight. Thank you for your time, Mr. Davenport."

Micah: "Thank you Ms. Ruscon. It's been a pleasure. Not many reporters like interviewing me haha."

Tashira: chuckles "I can't see why not." grin

Micah: "Haha, they don't know who they're missing. Anyway, you must be busy. Pops wanted me to be more sociable I guess."

Tashira: "Just doing my job. Good luck on the rest of the season."

Micah: "Thank you."
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