FBA Tashira Sports Rankings - Edition Five

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FBA Tashira Sports Rankings - Edition Five

Postby JWolfman » February 23rd, 2017, 9:55 am

1 - QUEENS PRIDE (33-17)

It's been said that it's easier to reach the top than to stay on it, and that's true in this case as Huntsville slipped and gave way to the Queens Pride to take their place in this edition, 50 games into the season. Micah Davenport has been dominating lately as the Pride won 7 out of the last 10, and Xavier Knutten has proven that while he's old, he still has some good years left in him. While Davenport hasn't been elected into the All-Star Game this year, he is making a strong case for Queens to do everything they can to keep him once he becomes a Free Agent by the end of this season.


Right at the Pride's heels are the Minutemen, and they are proving that as long as they're healthy, they can dominate. Vera La Tierra has regained her stride, leading her team with POTG awards and a 7-3 stretch in the past ten games. They are comfortably atop the Central Division, seven games ahead of second-place Baltimore.


I regarded the Totems as a bad team at the beginning of this season and they made me eat my words repeatedly since. They are now tied with the Wildcards in the ultra-tough Mountain Division, and on top of them due to having the slightly better Divisional record. Dapremont is currently injured but thankfully he should be fine in time for the Rookie All-Star game. He's a black-horse err black-poodle in the race for Rookie of the Year.


A five-game losing streak dropped the Wildcards to a shaky tie record with their divisional rivals, the Edmonton Totems. Gambling has its risks, and sometimes when teams go on a losing streak, it seems to stretch on and on. However the Wildcards are strong enough to retake the league top, with Maxwell and Kirkpatrick being consistent and strong contributors for Vegas. See what happens when a team owner shuts up and let the General Manager do her job?


The Mayors started the first half of the season as strong competitors and they dominated the boards and conquered the mountain for weeks. Then suddenly they slipped, losing 8 of their last 10 games. Jerome Swimmer stood out in the FBADL but just couldn't fit in well with the Mayors, but no one can accuse him for not trying. As I stated before with Vegas, when a team gets on a losing streak, it's hard to break that habit but I wouldn't be surprised if the Mayors can find their stride once more.


The rollercoaster ride that is the Spectrums continue as they climb the FBA Mountain only to slip and they end up climbing again, wondering when they will slip again. This time, they were climbing and winning 7 of the last 10, but they're sixth in the total rankings for a reason. Their inconsistency in play will only serve to hurt them in the long run, and with Alaska, San Jose, and even Hawaii sniping at their heels, it will not be surprising to see them slip again and lose their footing in the Pacific Rim Division.

7 - ALASKA ARCTICS (29-21)

The Arctics continue their steady climb up, winning 7 of last 10 and on the verge of taking over the Spectrums' spot atop the Pacific Rim. Their starting point guard Cliff Matthiews has been scoring a gazillion points lately, and that's perfectly fine with me.


Standing right next to the Arctics are the stubborn Howlers. While they might have enough steam to fully conquer over the entire league this season, they can at least conquer the Pacific Rim, and they are currently on the verge of doing just that. Now if only Kresta Renstill can stop getting hurt...

9 - SAN JOSE THRUST (28-22)

Right behind the Arctics and Howlers are the Thrust, a team that is currently slipping and need to find their footing fast in the very tough Pacific Rim. They broke even in the last ten games, and that is simply not enough. Although they face Texas and Plymouth in their upcoming schedule, they also have to face Williamsburg and a very important divisional matchup against Hawaii in their patch of island paradise. With the inconsistency this team has, who knows how well they will be in the next ten games?


Sometimes it's difficult being a Moonshiner fan. You have Hank Sawyer, elected into the All-Star Game as a Point Guard starter and Hal Dufrain dominating at the post. Then you have Walstein's inconsistency and Tryce Peter Mallark currently out with a bad concussion. The Moonshiners have some cushioning above Tallahassee in the Southern Division while they continue to chase after the slipping Mayors, but Tallahassee suddenly had been doing well lately, and that could be bad news for Tennessee.


22 - ALBANY ALPHAS (19-31)

The Alphas' slump earlier was no fluke... after that disaster of a fall, they have lost seven of the last ten and are currently on a five game losing streak. Do you know there are still political protesters picketing in front of their arena? Don't they have jobs to go back to? Anyway, this is a team that seriously needs to get their act together, and in a really urgent way.

23 - DAKOTA BIKERS (16-34)

This is why Ryan Malone doesn't smile. Awful.


Maybe Chris Farrow read the scathing article I wrote about him, as soon after that was published, the Taproots won four games in their last ten. Then in usual Taproot fashion, they slipped again and starting losing games. They remain in the bottom of the barrel, and their only hope of climbing themselves out of it is that hope of Dakota continuing to be as bad as them.
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