FBA Tashira Sports Ranking - Edition Four

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FBA Tashira Sports Ranking - Edition Four

Postby JWolfman » January 30th, 2017, 8:20 pm


The Mayors remain on top of the league and the Eastern Conference but it had been a rough several weeks for them than usual as they were only 6-4 in the last ten games. Thankfully they are in the Southern Division, where they are eight games above divisional follow-up Tennessee.


After almost an entire first half of playing the right cards, the Wildcards has recently gone through a slump as they only managed to break even at 5-5 in the last ten games. Thankfully for them, most of the leaders of the Western Conference also had a rough previous ten games, which is their primary saving grace to keep them on top of the West.

3 - QUEENS PRIDE (26-14)

Two long stretches of winning streaks had propelled Queens to third-place overall and a comfortable lead in the Northern Division. They won eight of their last ten games, and tied with Texas as being the hottest team in the league as of this writing. The quartet of Wilds, Knutten, Davenport, and Tevela are doing well, but their bench and Centers still need work.


Williamsburg holds a comfortable lead of five games over divisional rival Baltimore in the Central Division, but after a very long winning streak that brought them this high, they lost the last two games as of this writing. Still, this might be just a temporary hiccup, and chances are they'll be in the strong running to catch up to the Mayors in the standings.


After a surprisingly great first half, Edmonton hit a bit of a setback, breaking even over the past ten games at 5-5. Hirvoven continues to make his case for Most Improved Player or even MVP, and 'Boat Department' Beau might be a shoo-in for the Rookie All Star game coming up.

6 - SAN JOSE THRUST (23-17)

While Barnaby Jazz continues to dominate, a few other teammates had finally grabbed the POTG spotlight from him, namely Blythe Nacht and Jonathan Lawyer (during the rare times when he's healthy). The Thrust however had struggled, losing six of the last ten and currently on a three-game losing streak.


Being on the Spectrums this season is similar to experiencing a roller coaster ride in this first half. They would go on good spurts of winning streaks and then flop a few times which explains why they're tied with three other teams in the bottom of the Top Ten. They need to get a good rhythm going in their momentum and be consistent.


The Howlers is yet another team that broke even at 5-5 in the last ten games. The main disadvantage going for them is the fact they're in the league's most brutal division. It's quite remarkable that the Howlers can be eighth overall in the league and yet third in the Mountain Division.

9 - ALASKA ARCTICS (22-18)

The Arctics are relative newcomers to the Top Ten List thanks to a stretch of winning five games in a row and 7-3 in the past ten. The Pacific Rim is the most competitive among all the divisions, with just a single game stretch between first place San Jose and the other three teams which are tied, including Alaska.

10 - HAWAII KAHUNAS (22-18)

Just like the Howlers and Spectrums, the Kahunas are suffering from a lack of consistency. After such a weak start in their season, they found their footing and won eight in a row, then they slipped again only to go back to winning and then losing again. 4-6 in the last ten games, they are only keeping themselves competitive in the Pacific Rim which is a tough ordeal by itself.


22 - ALBANY ALPHAS (16-24)

Okay, what the hell is going on here? The defending champions Albany Alphas in the Bottom Three, after such a strong start in their season? 2-8 in the last ten games, ten games behind the leader in the Northern Division, the Alphas had gone through the deepest drop of all the teams in the league in this first half. Nothing seems to be clicking well for this team, but hey at least they're still the defending FBA champions. That still counts for something right? I mean, go ask the Moonshiners.......

23 - DAKOTA BIKERS (13-27)

Another team that shouldn't be in the Bottom Three, but here they are. They only won two of the last ten games, and they are currently the worst team in the FBA's weakest division. No wonder Ryan Malone doesn't smile anymore.


There's bad teams and then there's the Taproots. The only team remaining to not achieve ten wins for the entire first half of the season, and are currently on a 16-game losing streak as of this writing. Please... let the bleeding stop. Just stop bleeding and have mercy. Oh wait, there's still forty more games to go. Their defense is alright among the starting roster, but their offense is suffering throughout and the bench is suffering with all types of problems.
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