FBA Tashira Sports Ranking - Edition Three

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FBA Tashira Sports Ranking - Edition Three

Postby JWolfman » January 8th, 2017, 6:27 pm

The Huntsville Mayors continue to solidify their lead in the Eastern Conference and the rest of the league, winning 8 of their last 10 games. As long as they can stay healthy, they can stay there... Harrison York has been a good surprise contributor for the team, while Emina Ferhatovic, barely acknowledged during her rookie year, is a possible decent contender for DOTY this year.

The Las Vegas Wildcards are still on top of the Western Conference, but after a sub-par stretch of the previous ten games, they have not one but two teams snapping at their heels. They are currently in one of the toughest divisions in the league, with all the teams having a .500 record or better.

3 - SAN JOSE THRUST - 19-11
The San Jose Thrust has been strongly consistent throughout the past thirty games, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. Barnaby Jazz is having a stellar MVP-worthy season, but they need to keep positively consistent in their game to stay in contention for leadership in the harsh Mountain Division.

The Totems have been the biggest surprise of the FBA so far this season. After a dismal previous season and a poor start this season, the Totems have been on a tear lately, winning the last eight of ten. Luukas Hirvonen remains a key figure in the team, but the entire team had stepped up on their defense as their teams only averaged 81.3 points in the past ten games.

The Minutemen are currently on top of the Central Division, thanks to winning 7 out of the last 10, complete with a current six-game winning streak which makes them the hottest team in the league right now. Yes, even hotter than Vera La Tierra.

6 - QUEENS PRIDE - 18-12
The Pride had a stellar series of games to end 2016, and they can keep it up if they can reduce the injuries. For some reason, some of the games had them in strange lineups, such as Micah Davenport playing Shooting Guard, which led to mixed results. They are currently on top of the Northern Division, but Bangor remains a solid team to retake that spot.

Of all the teams in the top ten so far, the Kahunas had the weakest stretch, winning only four of the last ten games. Julian Cross-Kiraly had been dominated on the boards lately, but time would tell if he can keep up the momentum.

8 - BANGOR TIDES - 17-13
A loss against their division rivals Queens Pride recently had dropped them out of first in the Northern Division, but they are more than talented enough to regain their traction. The team however has a history of faltering in the middle of the season, and will that occur once again this season?

The Montana Howlers had a rather mixed last ten games, which dropped them to third in the tough Plains Division. However they acquired Brax Trenor, and Trenor had proven to be a force in his Montana debut, winning POTG.

Putting Leroy Wyatt as starting SG had given the team some success and some disappointments, and Coach Teres realized he would not be the answer for the team's weakness in that position as he dropped Wyatt back to the bench. Once again, the team is suffering from inconsistency.

With the Keystones finding better ground to put them out of the Bottom Three, the Lorain Firestorm found themselves stuck in the cold. Again. This is a team that just could not find any good ground at all, and with each step forward, they walk two steps backwards.

23 - TEXAS LONE STARS - 9-21
Texas finally got America back on the active roster with Brad Pullman coming out of long-term injury, but Texas is still hurting badly in their performance. They have won only three games in the past ten, and there's been rumors of roster changes in the near future.

After a sudden burst of wins a short while ago, reality slammed the Taproots back into the basement of the FBA. Rocky Caracal has continued to show some signs of brilliance, but lets face it, his age is still an issue. There's only so much that Erik Toivonen can do.
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