FBA Tashira Sports Rankings - Edition Two

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FBA Tashira Sports Rankings - Edition Two

Postby JWolfman » December 17th, 2016, 7:48 am


General Manager Mikela Soros' gamble in the off-season and FBA Draft has thus far been very beneficial for the team, and right now they are the team on top of the league. It's quite the turnaround from last season, and already this early in the season, we are seeing some future stars in the making with Misha Maxwell and Lee Baraquin blossoming.


The Mayors have a slightly comfortable hold on the top of the Southern Division, and right now they are atop the Eastern Conference. Jim McComick is really doing well as the team's starting Small Forward, and Emina Ferhatovic is improving by leaps and bounds since last season. Now if only D'Angelo MacQuilkin can avoid those devastating groin injuries...

#3 - HAWAII KAHUNAS (14-6)

Although Scoonie Barrett continues to lead the team and in a MVP-in-the-making performance, the team's starting Shooting Guard Warren Doyle has once again been shining on the spotlight. although I'm sure he would've preferred a victory against the Voodoo instead of a loss back on December 12th. That loss and the loss against Albany were the only losses the Kahunas suffered in the past ten games.

#4 - ALBANY ALPHAS (13-8)

The primary reason why the Alphas are still this high up in the rankings is because of their first ten games. The second set of ten games might be considered to be one of their worst stretches in recent memory, as the defending champions lost six of their last ten. This is why some say that defending a championship is much harder than achieving one.


As with the Alphas, the only reason this team is still high in the rankings is because of their first ten games. The next ten are forgetful as they also lost six in that stretch, including four of the last five. They need LV McDyess back, and soon.

#6 - SAN JOSE THRUST (12-8)

After fumbling through their first ten games, the Thrust has shot up in the rankings since Barnaby Jazz returned. So far Jazz has grabbed every POTG award that the Thrust has earned, stamping his place as a Starter for the Thrust for perhaps the rest of the season and maybe even his career if he chose to stay with the team long enough which might seem likely. The team had won seven of the last ten.


After such a strong start, the Howlers had been whimpering instead of howling lately, and are currently on a four-game losing streak as of this writing. Lemond Conkale hasn't dominated as he used to, and Sterling continues to run his mouth. The Howlers are a team that can bounce back easily, but once they're cold, they're cold for extended periods of time.

#8 - BILOXI VOODOO (11-8)

The Voodoo had a mixed last ten games, with victories against strong teams such as Hawaii and Montana, but losses against other strong teams like Huntsville and Vegas. Former Finals MVP Aragon Fisher had been inconsistent on the boards, but their rookie guard Andrius Vilkasaitis had a great game facing off against Klaus Korber of the Tallahassee Typhoons in the latest SportsDen broadcast game.


Williamsburg won six of the last ten, with that six being a winning streak. So far they are in charge of the Central Division, as long as they can hold on against the Baltimore Spirits, but the team is inconsistent. The only notable team of strength they defeated in that winning streak was Santa Ana, while the other five teams were struggling and mediocre.


The Voyageurs once again had a mixed stretch of ten games, and it's a team struggling to find a good rhythm to flow by. While their point guard sensation Derek Kim continues to excel, and the Forward starters are holding their own, it's the Shooting Guards they need to work on better, and they also struggle on the post. However they benefit from being on the Plains Division, which is the weakest division in the entire league.

#11 - EDMONTON TOTEMS (11-9)

I feel like I should apologize about the Edmonton Totems so I placed them as a Special Mention in the 'Top Ten'. They only lost twice in the last ten games, mostly on the back of their cougar star, Luukas Hirvonen. The former ROTY has been dominating but another special mention should also go for their rookie Beau Dapremont, whom is holding his own as the team's starting Power Forward.

---- WORST THREE ----

#22 - TEXAS LONESTARS (6-14)

Texas' only victories in the last ten games were against Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, and Plymouth. Not exactly an impressive showing for a team showing much promise during the off-season, and they are struggling to find any sort of good footing that could bounce them back. At least they just recently picked up a dancing penguin from the D-League? If there's one player that can find a good footing, it's a dancing penguin.


The Firestorm struggled last season but at least they were a playoff team. At the way this team performed in the last ten games, they seem content to be back in the basement again. It seems clear that Edwin Griega is just not ready yet to return to the FBA, and Robyn Moonnay switched teams in the off-season to don a Firestorm uniform only to warm the bench constantly. This is a team that needs more adjustments than just a brand new cool logo and uniform design.


Okay enough about Wayne Kirkpatrick, this team has suffered enough already. Their only victories in the last ten games were against Lorain and Dakota, which is kind of like boasting about beating up a cripple and a clinically depressed patient. While Daius Aurelias got what he wanted after his constant whining publically on social media, the team needs a lot more than a male diva in the ranks for them to claw their way out of the basement. Then there's the controversy surrounding Erik Kijani. If he really did steal money from a charity, that's incomprehensibly low, much further down the depths than the Keystones currently are in.
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