[Furballer] A Fours-full Statement

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[Furballer] A Fours-full Statement

Postby Stefan Calico » November 7th, 2016, 6:42 am


Like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expected Las Vegas to be four games undefeated to start the season. And especially when all of their victories have been by three points or less, one could just chalk it up to good luck by the Wildcards or bad luck by their opponennts.

Unless you consider they're on an eight-game winning streak if you include the pre-season. And they've been victorious despite being down two veterans due to injury.

Then again, maybe they've just been playing rough and dirty, with their latest game in Seattle finally showing a possible vulnerability for this house of 'cards. Fenruss Brylee (Black Wolf, F/C), their free agent acquired from the Bikers, could be credited as the ringleader for the Las Vegas defense, bringing some of that big Dakota D to the desert. But when his team's tenuous lead in the fourth quarter started to slip away under the aggressiveness of Seattle's offense, he may have borrowed a play from former teammate Dylan Redfield (Red Deer, F) in taking out an MVP, this time in the form of young Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F).

One could argue that "Monster" Brylee was getting back at the Firefox for the vulpine's first two points of the game back in the first quarter, when a beautifully executed play saw the wolf getting posterized by a massive dunk that got the crowd roaring. Or maybe it was a way of venting his frustration after multiple rejections from Daniel Quvianuq (Polar Bear, C) which helped the bear towards a triple-double for the night. Whatever the case, it was clear that Fenruss was playing rough against both of the taller Seattle towers, culminating in his ejection after the tangle with Turner was ruled a Flagrant-2 foul and the fox ended up sidelined for the remainder of the game to tend to his knee. The same crowd that cheered enthusiastically for Jake's earlier dunk erupted in equally disdainful boos and loud hisses when Fenruss was escorted to the locker rooms.

The absence of the starting Power Forwards for both teams could be felt as the rest of the game played out, with the hosting Summit turning to their ursine duo of DQ and Bobby Baylor (Polar Bear, F/C) to ignite their offense in the post. But with former Keystones star Wayne Kirkpatrick (Tasmanian Devil, F) sliding back to the four alongside sophomore Samantha Canuteson (Orca, C/F), the defense in the paint was on lockdown for both teams. In the end, Seattle could not capitalize on their open looks from mid-range and the perimeter, punctuated by the potential game-winning shot from Jeri Naranjo (Cacomistle, G) hitting the back of the iron and bouncing away from the hoop.

Turner will be likely returning for Seattle's next match on Tuesday when they have their third divisional matchup of the season hosting the Edmonton Totems. Brylee will not be suited up for the Wildcards' next game on Tuesday in Billings on the road against the Montana Howlers, however; he will be serving a league-mandated one-game suspension as a result of his ejection.

-P. Suarez

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