FBA McGrath-Alidis, Green announce new charity foundation

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FBA McGrath-Alidis, Green announce new charity foundation

Postby Cat In C » October 15th, 2016, 9:02 pm

Thanks to Qovapryi for writing the following:

FBA McGrath-Alidis, Green announce new charity foundation
by Om Prakash Chowdhary, Chief Columnist

It’s been an eventful week for Jordan McGrath-Alidis, the rabbit from Wisconsin who the Alaska Arctics just signed on a 2 year, $4 million contract after scraping his way up the Plymouth Taproots rotation through the two years of his draft contract. Likewise, squirrel Josh Green is coming off a convincing sophomore season with the Huntsville Mayors and looks now poised to move elsewhere, his name being touted as one of the hottest restricted free agents still on the market.

As many fans know, both McGrath and Green have had to overcome many obstacles in their route to FBA stardom, most importantly their battle with anxiety disorder. Now, the two promising ballers have brought their strengths together to announce their long-planned charity project – the Josh & Jordan Foundation for Childhood Anxiety Disorder, which is set to launch its first fundraisers on October 16, 2016.

The foundation is set to cater towards young furries who suffer from anxiety-related disorder (both generalized and social) and panic disorder, using meditation and sports as part of a vehicular therapy to help them overcome their illness. Both players will partake in the project as both patrons and financers, but the executive power will be mostly in the paws of Jennah-Louise Olvey (Antelope), Alyssa Scerri (Greyhound) and Hunter McKenna (Grizzly Bear), three renowned therapists with plenty of experience in the field of target. Olvey, 49, has collaborated in the past with the Anxiety and Depression Furry Association of America (ADFAA) and has been knowing McGrath since the rabbit’s teen age, having been his treating doctor for several years.

It has been reported elsewhere that Corey Allen, the first player being diagnosed with anxiety disorder to get drafted and sign a contract with a pro team in the history of the Furry Basketball Association, will also take on a position of public speaker for the foundation upon his imminent retirement from the league. Allen, who was drafted by the Las Vegas Wildcards with the 48th overall pick of the 2012 FBA Draft, completed four seasons in the league as a journeyfur – playing for Vegas, Baltimore, Montana and San Jose through the past few years.

It is worth to mention that McGrath-Alidis, 22, was diagnosed with anxiety disorder at twelve after his father suffered life-threatening burns in a work accident. Green, 26, started suffering from panic attacks and fits of depression during high school, the illness aggravating and putting a halt to his college career at Underwood before the squirrel was able to overcome it, him getting a BA in Business Management in the process.


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