The 2014 Draft Combine: Closing Ceremony

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Stefan Calico
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The 2014 Draft Combine: Closing Ceremony

Postby Stefan Calico » May 28th, 2014, 7:53 am

If there was one monkey wrench to the Combine proceedings, it had to be the final farewells. It seemed nobody wanted to really leave, but at the same time there was nothing more that needed to be done... except the actual ceremony itself.

Which got pushed to Wednesday morning instead of late Tuesday night as originally planned.

It wasn't any of the organizers' faults; the keynote speakers apparently had other matters to attend to. Not that anyone attending the Combine seemed to care -- the young prospects all broke apart into their various parties and packing rituals, while the media dispersed to start preparing for the upcoming playoffs.

In the back of everyone's mind though, lay the question of who was receiving invitations to the Combine Challenge to determine the FBA's Top 24 Ranked Prospects.


Explorer Stadium's practice court. Home of Tuesday's Agency Market that saw prospects hoping to find representation in the private sector so they would not be relegated to the FBA-appointed lackeys of the Front Office. Site of the majority of the Ironfur Challenges sponsored by the Edmonton Totems. And currently set up much like the large Press Conferences that were scheduled on Saturday and Sunday to give the candidates bigger exposure to the media.

Attendance by the candidates, much like everything else at the Combine, was optional but recommended. Many were gathered in the hopes of receiving an invitation for the Combine Challenge, others because they didn't want to be waiting at the airport for their later flights, and some just because they were going to be in town for a while longer anyway.

The start of the ceremony was rather stuffy and formal, with the Combine organizers thanking the Mayors' organization for the use of their facilities and Head Coach Howard Schnitthund hoping to see more of the young talent under his care. Commissioner-to-Be Stefan Calico did make a brief appearance to express his gratitude right back at the draft candidates for representing themselves proudly, as well as to introduce the bearer of the Combine Challenge Invitations -- Healey Davis.

The Healer did not seem keen on delaying the process any longer, and only said "Good luck to all of you" when the microphone was pointed in his direction before nodding over at Calico to read through the list of names. The candidates that were named were to join the cheetah on stage after the end of the ceremony for photo opportunities and other media events.

    * Aditya Anggun
    * Clifford Carlin
    * Warren Doyle
    * Sarah Michelle Dunbar
    * Tanya Feckle
    * Roni Fulton
    * Aurora Goldshine
    * Youssef Goulten
    * LaShawn Grandon
    * Edwin Griega
    * Sebastian Kosciusko
    * Wesley Lachs
    * Hiroyuki Matsuura
    * Robert Munteanu
    * Apiatan Redmane
    * Ricardo Rodrigues
    * Andi Sekforde
    * Amelia Odessa Springer
    * Shirley Takamoto
    * Adam Tevela
    * Baltasár Torrealba y Toboso
    * Jake Turner
    * Cassidy Whitelatch
    * Damian Williams
And with the ceremony practically completed, the spotted tabby cat bade everyone a fond farewell and concluded the 2014 Draft Combine.

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