The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

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The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby Stefan Calico » May 21st, 2014, 2:01 pm

Part of the registration process on Wednesday includes getting one's schedule for the rest of the Combine. This year, however, forms were given out to prospects indicating a first-come/first-served reservation system for the available events, to give more freedom as to what prospects want to do with their time. The general timeline for the Combine was as follows:

Wed 05/21- Registration and welcome reception dinner (no basketball events)
Thu 05/22- Full-Court Scrimmages in Explorer Stadium, Skills/Drills on the practice court, Physical testing in the Weight Room, One-on-One meetings in the side offices
Fri 05/23- Full-Court Scrimmages in Explorer Stadium, Skills/Drills on the practice court, Physical testing in the Weight Room, One-on-One meetings in the side offices
Sat 05/24- Half-Court Scrimmages in Explorer Stadium, Skills/Drills in the other half court, Press Interviews on the practice court, One-on-One meetings in the side offices
Sun 05/25- Half-Court Scrimmages in Explorer Stadium, Skills/Drills in the other half court, Press Interviews on the practice court, One-on-One meetings in the side offices
Mon 05/26- Memorial Day (no basketball events)
Tue 05/27- Half-Court Scrimmages in Explorer Stadium, Skills/Drills in the other half court, Physical testing in the Weight Room, Agency Market on the practice court

All listed places are available for use ICly between 9am-9pm CDT.

Feel free to use this thread as a gathering spot for all things that happened on Saturday and Sunday.
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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby gideonwebb » May 24th, 2014, 6:45 am


Jerome’s first interview. For once, he did not feel at all confident. The GM of the Spectrums, Ralqul Witt, seemed to be the daunting figure, despite his calm presence. Jerome shifted in his chair; the first few questions seemed easy enough, but were they what he was looking for? He did not exactly seem all that surprised when asked, “How would you feel playing backup or out of position?” Jerome was honest, as usual; he would do what was best for the team. It was not about him, just that he would do his best when called up to do so. The GM’s eyes were completely unreadable.
The questions went on. Jerome calmed himself, digging into a much quieter mindset. The answer to charity question was his favorite. “My parents were, truthfully, the working class poor. I have lived in poverty and have had to overcome hardships, both health wise and in school. To me it would be a pleasure to help others. We go through trials so we can help relieve someone else’s suffering.” Still he did not get one reaction from Mr. Witt. This crow had something in mind; the question remained did the dolphin hit upon it?
More questions droll on, but the last one was a doozey. Jerome heard a form of the same question before in oceanography class when dealing with whirlpools, and he did not know the answer than either. His father always taught him to be honest, so Jerome just guessed. It was over. Jerome felt like kicking himself; sometimes the best foot forward was not enough, but he still had to put it forth. Alone to himself for a moment, the dark dolphin bowed his head. No one was around, not that it was any business of theirs anyway.
Jerome sat up, and walked out. He grinned to himself; all he could do was his best and that was all that he would offer anyway.

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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby Kinto » May 24th, 2014, 9:34 am


Tanya Feckle (gerenuk, F/G) awoke with a headache when her alarm went off. To her dismay, she was the only one on her bed; usually parties had happier endings for her. It had been a good party that Fook had thrown last night, though. A cold shower helped a bit with the headache. She threw on a black tank top and baggy cargo shorts, adjusted her collar, and picked out an eartag with an oleander flower on it. She put a clean jersey (solid black, naturally, except for her name in white on the back) in her gym bag with the rest of her equipment, and left the room. She grabbed an extra large, extra black coffee in the hotel lobby, and made tracks to the brunch being hosted by the Hawaii Kahunas.

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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby cdawg023 » May 24th, 2014, 5:23 pm


TJ walked into his first interview today and found it slightly overwhelming. the questions didn't bother him as much as the consequences in which they held bothered him more. He was trying to market himself as a full package Small Forward and at times felt he over thought his questions and rambled on. He still manage to get through with his sanity in check but still shaken a little when going into drills. He played with a tinge of timidity in his game today which made his overall play suffer. He wasn't taken hard moves to the paint and took more fade-aways from short then anything. They weren't bad shots and it wasn't like they didn't go in, it just wasn't what anyone should expect from a 6'8 Monster like TJ. All-in-all he just hopes he can break the funk and break the current glass ceiling he has set for himself.

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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby Harlow » May 25th, 2014, 3:21 pm

The reality of this Sunday didn't match at all the expectations of this canine.

Following yet another heated argument with fellow draft candidate Trent St. Croix (Polar Bear, C), someone decided to put his foot down and finish it. Well, his hoof down.

Julian's first and recently acquired agent, Blake Toivonen (Finnish Forest Reindeer), arranged a meeting with his client, but with a catch. He was determined to kill this and convinced agent Corker (Platypus) and the cause of other side of the conflict to go along as well.

"Julian I know what I'm doing."
"You and I both know this will amount to nothing"
"No excuses. This will amount to us ending this in the spot. Be there." The ungulate's tone changing to a most stern one. So this is how Brad looks at it.
He sighed, annoyed "Fine..."
"It won't take long, I promise"

JCK's night was heavily dented by it, but he wasn't going to get his agent even more upset; this little skit was probably worse than the entirety of faux pas fellow client Brad Pullman had commited. Julian was dead sure this wasn't going to work, but some fake sorries and quick makeups later and he was sure he was going to host the party of a lifetime.

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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby gideonwebb » May 25th, 2014, 4:57 pm


It was the turning point of the combine. Soon it would be all over. Jerome had wanted to meet at least one of the heads of the Mayors, but upon hearing that Levi Walstein, the sable antelope that represents the Walstein's holding in the company, was leaving for a relative's wedding in Austin, that no longer seemed likely. Still, meeting with the Grandmaster, Li Ho Fook, this was like a dream come true. He still had a lot to learn, but hopefully he would learn something today at the footpaws of a real legend.

The place was a swank restaurant, King's Imperial. It was a newer place. Jerome had heard of it, but still never did he think that he would ever step foot inside one. THe whole decor gave a far eastern splendor. It was a far Eastern Asian cuisine. It was not a typical restaurant. The red panda was waiting in a special private booth. Crap! He kept his hero waiting. Still, the wah was relaxed as could be. He had played hard this past season and deserved every accolade that he received. Moments brought about more words, some more flattering that what the wah expeted.

"Dag, yo! I have never admired like that, dawg. I mean sure I'm the Grandmaster and all, but what up?"

"It is simple,I grew with a deformity of sorts, as it were, and I had to go through lots of therapy and corrective surgery to get where I am today. I love to run and be active, and the game does that for me. You learned kung fu, which I always admired for its precision and grace, and you do the awesome, and mix it like it was art. Some of my footwork is pattern after the discipline of swimming, and it helps me in a great way, but you do it all. The speed, jump, and height. You move with freedom. That and one can tell you calculate your moves to a t."

"But dawg, thanks for the words and all, but what do get out of it?"

"I become free, like my mind and spirit already are. I hope that you train someone to come into your paw steps. Ain't right not to have your work not passed on to the next generation."

The lunch went on just fabulously. Fook knew the best places, but he never thought just playing so well, meant so much to someone else. When Jerome excused himself, the red panda swallowed a lump of air. "Dag yo, that's true tight," he whispered to himself. Soon it was over, but somehow, both came away moved.

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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby Theodore Rockwell » May 26th, 2014, 9:52 am


"Oh Taxi, this will be great! Here you go. Thank you kindly!" Trivol said, getting out of the taxi cab with making way for Shannon to get out of the car. Once she stepped out, the taxi took off and Trivol pushed down on his fedora and straightened his suit. "I read that this place has the best grits around Huntsville. I guess I'll have to see if that statement holds true haha."

Shannon grinned at that and gave you a firm poke in the chest. "What? You ain't never had grits before!" she reminded Trivol. "I'LL let you know how they are! You just ask questions and eat up, all right?" She then walked past you, tufted tail swaying. "But thanks for finding this place," she added, looking over her shoulder at you.

Trivol shook his head and walked past you up to the host. "Greetings!" Trivol said kindly to the rabbit hostess at the desk. "Two please and perhaps somewhere secluded in the restaurant would be best." "Aight, sir. Follow me." Trivol looked and led them to the back of the restaurant and the hostess led them to a table, secluded from the main dining area. She gave them their menus. "Anything to drink, you folks?" "I'll have Iced Tea/Lemonade on the rocks for now."

"Coffee. Black," Shannon said, sitting down and putting a huge foot up on the seat with her, hugging her leg to her chest and stretching it. She turned back to Trivol and grinned her crooked buck-toothed smile. "So, come on, let's get started! What all did you want to ask me? And I hope it's more than just for more kisses."

"Awww shucks, I wanted more! Hahaha, all right. I'll give you the details of what I want to know. Perhaps I'll start by asking you how long you've been playing and what's your strongest position?"

Shannon laughed and squeaked! "Well, I ain't saying I won't ever, hon!" she promised. She presses her chin into her knee at that question, looking left and right, tufted tail swaying behind her. "Shucks, guess I've been playing for about 11 years now. I remember when I got started. It was after watching my first FBA game back in 2004. Shane Rufus was a total stud in that game. I couldn't stop watching that guy." She grinned wider, looking at Trivol as the memories flowed back. "As for my game, shooting guard. Reckon I'm too short for anything else, and ain't never gotten that good at passing."

"Hmmm, interesting. Shane Rufus... that guy I have read about before I came here to take in FBA potential prospects. He's pretty amazing... quite talented from what I've seen. I could see why you couldn't stop watching him." After a pause, the waitress came back with the Arnold Palmer and coffee for the lady. "Oh, we'll both have the best grits you have in the house. Hope that's all right unless you wanted something else."

Shannon held up her hand. "Oh no, grits is all I need! Thanks!" She nodded to the waitress before picking up her coffee and taking a sip. "Aw, hell, Shane's one of the best that ever played! Reckon it's ironic he's retiring just when I'm getting my first chance to come in, being he inspired me so much and all. Still, probably be for the best or I'd be fangirling all over him." She chuckled and shook her head. "So yeah, that's why I started playing. And why I was pushing to make it here. Wish I could have arrived more polished than I am, though."

"Inspirational story indeed! Yeah, I can see why you will be here doing your best. Also, sorry that I had to bail out on your guys' team with Adi and the other team in question. Theo was hungry from all the stuff he did yesterday. He's pushing himself though which is a good thing." He sipped his drink before continuing on. "So, any questions that tickle your mind at the moment? I know there must be many! Like 'How come I just heard about you from Theo and at the party?!' questions like that. Take your time to gather your thoughts and ask them. I'll be happy to resolve those questions you have."

Shannon laughed warmly and nudged him under the table with her big toes. "Aw, don't even worry about that! I figure you agents got a lot keeping you busy and all! Well, heck, I'd ask why I've never heard of you if I'd heard of anybody else. See, that's why I ain't looking up so much far as how far I can go. I know so many here been seeing big trainers and getting a big game, gone to college and all that. Myo-Castor's nice and all, but it ain't no Underwood. I'm just pleased if I can keep up with all the talent showing up here. So I never got to know any agents, just sort of feeling my way through it all." She smiled then at him. "So it's real nice to get an agent's attention. Reckon if you can get me a spot on a team, I'll be happy as could be!"

"I'll be happy to do my best to get you on a team, absolutely." He paused, making sure that no other agents are around on the street before looking at Shannon. "Sorry, nervous habit of mine haha. Anyway. Definitely would love to sign with you and get you on a team based on your skill and maneuverability. Currently have to follow up with all the teams in the FBA and ask them if they'd be interested in taking a look at my prospects. Are there any specifics regarding your request, Shannon?"

Shannon took a deep breath and sipped her coffee some more. "Honest, I ain't picky. I'm just looking to get signed. I'll play anywhere that can use me. I guess if I COULD pick a team, I'd love to be put someplace near home-- Santa Ana, San Jose, Las Vegas, Santa Fe... any of those would make me happy, being from the desert and all, you know."

"Ah, yes. I truly know how you feel," Trivol nodded, giving a smile at Shannon. "I'll be honest with you, Theo is looking for a team on the West Coast because of the warm weather around that region. In any case, I'll go talk with the teams in the Western Division and some Eastern. I'll get back to you if I hear anything. Nothing is signed unless you completely place your confidence in me that I should get you on a team." He paused, taking another sip. "What do you want to do, Shannon? This part is up to you. Again, unless you're really serious about this, nothing is signed."

Shannon bit her lip. She takes another sip of coffee and looks into the cup. "I'm sorry to hesitate," she says. "Only thing throwing me is that I did come here with my best friend Tina who's been acting as my manager. She's been letting me loose quite a bit here, and I think she'd be okay with my signing with an agent, especially if it got me on a team." She smirked. "She ain't an agent or nothing. Just the pal that's been helping me get on my feet the last few years. I don't want to make her think I'm ditching her, but-- I guess what I gotta know is, if you really think I can get on a team. If you can get me signed with a club, I don't think she'll care who I sign with. As long as I'm playing big league ball. But if I sign and I don't go nowhere-- then she's going to be real cross with me."

"I see..." Trivol whispered and adjusted his monocle. "You want me to try to get you on a team? I'll do my best to get you on a team. I'll work my arse with the GMs and scouts from each team, pleading them to have them look at you and see you perform." He gave a reassuring smile followed by a wink.
Shannon smiled back. She took another deep breath, tufted tail swishing behind her. "Well-- all right then. Let's do it," she grinned buck-toothedly, reaching over the table with her hand to shake.

"Great!" Trivol grinned back and after that handshake, the waitress came back with their grits and utensils. "Enjoy, you kids!" Trivol sighed at the statement as the waitress walked off. "I'm not a kid..." He straightened up in his chair and grins. "Well, bon appetit! Enjoy your meal, Shannon and welcome!"

Shannon laughed and grinned, beaming in her seat. She put her foot back down and sat up, grabbing the hot sauce and dousing her grits. "Thanks! Oh, man, this is gonna be exciting for sure!" she said, shifting her feet excitedly under the table before taking a bite full of grits with her new agent.

"Mmm... this is quite tasty. Even texture all around and nice and creamy. Could've added too much salt though to make it but other than that, this is really good!! Shannon, mind if you could pass the hot sauce? This could use a couple notches in intensity!"

Shannon laughed and handed it over. "Careful now, hon. Reckon they don't use that much where you're from, do they?"

Trivol made red lines of hot sauce on top of his grits, drizzling it with every ounce of space. "Yes, that was the case until Theo introduced me to hot sauces. I have to tell ya, it really adds a kick to the food. No taste I could ever add them for the sake of other customers." He mixed the hot sauce and smiles, tasting the grits with added flavor. "Oh my god, this is delicious!"

Trivol is copyrighted by me.
Shannon Hickman copyrighted by Buck Hopper.

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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby Darkwolf » May 27th, 2014, 11:34 am


The lights had just clicked on at Explorer Stadium. Most prospects were either still sleeping or just getting ready for a day of combine drills, interviews and scrimmages. The gym was empty. And it would remain so just a while longer. Down the street, an energized hare bounced up and a down, stretching out on his legs on the blacktop. Damian Williams got up a couple of shots before the rabbit called out to him.

"Ball up." DW looked at him. "Shoot for it PJ." He threw the ball to Zarr and with one fluid motion, the hare caught it, stepped into a three and bricked it way to the left. Williams let out a chuckled and grabbed the rebound. "Guess it's my ball." He smirked. "Play to five. win by two."

Zarr checked it up top with the former CSU star. Damian gave PJ a quick jab step, watching the nimble rabbit jump back a bit. He hit him again with the same move and raised up, swishing home a three. "2-0." He smiled and handed PJ the ball. The rabbit's eyes squinted as he hit DW with a quick cross over and scooped a shot under the wolf's arm for a lay-up.

"2-1" Zarr picked up the ball and threw it hard at Damian's chest. Williams got the message and stared down his opponent. He spun left and started to back down the smaller guard. He threw his side into PJ chest, abusing the smaller player with his strength.

"Not today!" PJ went for a steal, but DW spun off him and laid the ball up for a point. "Too little PJ. Get in the weight room kid."

Zarr looked furious as DW checked the ball with him. He started to dribble between his legs, showing off his excellent ball handling. He faked cross over after cross over, finally crossing right, pushing DW with his off hand as he got to the rim and threw down a monster dunk. "3-2 mutt."

"My ball doc." Williams motioned for the rock as PJ threw it hard again, this time hitting DW in the face. Williams snarled and picked it up, but didn't react. He turned his back to the hare and backed him down again, pushing him harder and harder as he did. " the house..."

He faked left and faded right, a move he'd seen his idol use later in his career. The shot missed as PJ scooped up the rebound. The quick lapine ran to the three point line, cleared the ball and sprinted to the hoop. PJ leaped in the air as DW went up to meet him. Zarr used his off hand to push Williams aside as he threw down a thunderous dunk. Williams grabbed the ball, frustrated at the blatant foul, but thus was street ball.

Damian threw the ball at PJ, who fired it right back. "3-3. Told you that game was a fluke." Williams said nothing, looking over Zarr's body and feet, analyzing how he was playing him defensively. Finally he spoke up. "Left or right." PJ seemed confused. "What?"

"You want me to go left or right to beat you?" Zarr smirked. "Go left." PJ remembered some of the defensive tricks Josh Green had showed him, and shifted his stance, forcing DW to go right. Williams decided to take what he had and dribbled right. As soon as PJ slid his feet DW went behind his back and to his left. The shorter rabbit tried to recover and block his drive, but Williams had other plans. He stepped back behind the three point line and drilled the game winner. The ball bounced as he held his shooting pose.

PJ glared at the basket for a moment before he turned around and shoved Williams, forcing him to drop his hand. "Lucky shot!" Damian responded back, "Better to be lucky then good some times."

Zarr got in his chest and bumped him again. "You think you're so good don't you?"

Williams tried to back away with his arms up. "I'm alright. You need to watch your temper though. You're like Cassidy. All heart, no brain."

PJ shoved DW again, knocking him back a few feet. "Yeah? My brain works just fine. You only beat us cause Hiro was out. Play us with Hiro and you'll lose."

Williams was done. You can only push a street kid around so much before the fire gets lit. He got in PJ's face, never striking him, but letting him know who was in charge. "I could grab four prospects blindfolded and still beat your ticking time bomb of a team."

"Then go grab'em. Tuesday. Scrimmage. Explorer Stadium."

"Screw that. Make it a game. 48 minute game. See how long you last before you gasp for air."

PJ grinned. "You're on!"

He pushed DW away as he headed off the court. "Just don't go cryin' about it when we stomp you!"

Damian yelled back. "We gonna whoop you so bad it's gonna back Buck Hopper retire out of shame!"

PJ turned around and chuckled "Forget that. I can't stand that flashy rabbit! You'd be doin' the league a favor!"

Williams laughed. "Well we can kick his butt in the league next year!"

PJ shook his head and walked off as DW grabbed the ball and started to head back to his hotel room. As he watched PJ disappear into the rising sun, he smiled. "That kid's gonna make it."

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Re: The 2014 Draft Combine: Saturday/Sunday

Postby Gustavo » May 27th, 2014, 5:15 pm


The weekend was certainly a busy one for Eldred. On Saturday, what started as an impromptu two-on-two half-court match had quickly grown into a full-court 5-on-5. On Eldred's team: Fit Normello, Theo Rockwell, Aurora Goldshine, and Mikaylah Marley. The Opposing team Cassidy Whitelatch helped set up included Iver Drake, Kyle McLeod, Regulus Lowenthal, and Lee Jin-Sung. Both teams were very well matched, and in the first of two games, Cassidy's team edged out Eldred's for a one point win of 70 to 69.
After a quick break and regrouping, Eldred's team fought back hard. The opposing team managing to keep pace and get ahead of Eldred's on more than one occasion. But it was the red fox Fit Normello that prevented the game from going into overtime, making a 3 pointer at the buzzer. Final score: 67 to 64. It was one of the better games Eldred had played, and was very glad he had the opportunity to play.

Sunday was a complete surprise for Eldred. He had done much better on the intelligence test and the strength test parts of Edmonton's IronFur challenge, but placing first in the Maximum Vertical Jump was a great accomplishment.

Likewise, Warren Doyle's weekend had been busy. After playing in some mock scrimmages, He had signed up as a late entry in the Ironfur challenge on a whim, and so far he had placed 11th in the sprint, 39th in strength, 36th in intelligence. While the ranking was unofficial at the moment, he was pleased at how he did in Sprint, but the intelligence score was a surprise, he thought he had done better than that. However test-taking was never Warren's strong point, and was somewhat pleased he had done as well as he had considering he had no chance to study or even knew what the test material might be.
He had also been spending quite a lot of time with Aditya Anggun. Warren was glad he had gotten to know the Civet as well as he had. The Combine was quickly coming to a close, Monday off for holiday, and then one more day, one more chance to stand out among the crowd of candidates.

Morgan Winther on the other hand, he had been sailing under the radar much to the disappointment of his agent. Roland had been trying to get the hippogryph to get in some interviews, but Morgan resisted, instead playing in scrimmages and matches that folks weren't paying attention to. The hippogryph was also steadfast opposed to creating a twitter account, believing it to be a waste of time. Roland Dimitriou could only sigh, he could only make his clients do so much, but if they weren't willing to help themselves, that was their issue. The hydra however did hear of particular blackfox that was knowledgeable in voodoo that could use an agent, and decided to have a chat with Mr.Prudhomme...

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