The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 6 - Monday

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The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 6 - Monday

Postby Stefan Calico » August 7th, 2015, 6:34 pm

Accepted prospects had been sent their welcoming packets as well as a travel voucher for a flight to Spokane, WA, along with all of the paperwork that they would need to gain entry into the Combine. The forms also had a reminder that the schedule of events would be available at the athlete registration desks, and sign-up sheets for everything (except the Jackal's Gauntlet) would be taken care of there.

(( Please refer to this schedule for a detailed listing of events, and feel free to use this thread as a gathering spot for all things that happened on Monday. ))
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Re: The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 6 - Monday

Postby wolfnumber9 » August 17th, 2015, 7:16 pm

Erik Kijani interview with Spectrums

Here in Santa Ana, we believe a culture that has each player contribute in anyway possible given circumstances. What would you be able to bring here that will continue that as a Spectrum?
I always try to be an offensive leader. I work hard to get people open, get people the shots they need and run plays quickly. On defense, I bring intensity and I make turnovers happen.

Since we currently hold the final picks in both rounds, if we were to pick you in one of those spots how would you feel about those teams not realizing the potential we saw in you, and how would you use that knowledge once you step onto the court against the other 23 teams?
Hey man, at the end of the day, I just want to get drafted by a team that I know I can work to make better and at the same time make me better. I will always go on that court and give you everything I got in order to win.

Out of this year’s pool, who would you consider being a close rival of yours? Also, is there anyone that you believe that can be a huge factor for any team?
Heh, Kelvin, Misha…maybe Lindsey. I’m always going to have rivals, I can accept that. Losing to them, that I can’t accept. Anyways, I’ll support my man Kelvin on that factor thing.

So as you already know, no player once they enter their names for the draft just want to go in, so my question is what is your ultimate goal when it comes to the FBA?
Be the best. Isn’t that everyone’s goal? I mean, not really the best on the team, but the best in league, yea. I want to walk on any court and be feared. That’s my goal.

As you know, many players have different variety of skill sets and play styles. Are there any specific players that inspired some of the things you do on the court?
Can’t name too many. I try to be original. I will say that I do like Klaus Korber though.

I apologize if this is a little too personal, but after your friend John’s passing, do you feel his spirit when you play the game?
*Takes a deep breath and looks down, holding his wristband*…every damn game man…..of course you guys would find out about that….but yea…I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me…and yea….sometimes I like to think that he is there with me…..hope that answers your question.
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