More Adoption Notices

Just because they've been created, doesn't mean there's someone actively developing them. Here's where you'll find players that are looking for Actors to portray them in the league.
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More Adoption Notices

Postby Stefan Calico » September 23rd, 2014, 6:33 pm

Posting on behalf of contributors that requested it:
Buck Hopper wrote:I would be happy to put up Karl Gruber for adoption.
Honestly, he’s impressed by how well the team did last year, and would to see if he can win a ring with them just before his retirement— which will be after this contract is up. So last chance, and he feels SAS is best situated to get it done.

C-Cat wrote:In the case of Rollo, I'd encourage him to be adopted.
He was an anthro baller version of a brown rat character I drew up in the early 90s.
Scrappy Boston Irish sort, but beyond that he was just a name I came up with to fill out the league.
If anyone thinks they can develop him way more than I could, let them do so!

Leave a comment here or contact the above creators directly if you are interested in one or both of these characters!
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