Micah/Vic Talk

Plenty of players never got their chance to play on one of the main FBA teams, and here they mingle with unsigned veterans hoping to get called back to play.
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Micah/Vic Talk

Postby Theodore Rockwell » February 5th, 2015, 12:42 pm

Vic Vos is copyrighted to Buck Hopper and Micah Davenport is copyrighted to me. This happened prior to the All-Star Game.


Micah stood outside the locker room doors, waiting for his chance to talk to Vic regarding what happened a couple days ago. He watched the game from the stands and was proud that they won their game.

The border collie tucked his paws in his coat’s pockets, keeping them warm as he gathered his thoughts together. The border collie’s ears perked as he heard team players talking amongst themselves as they came out from the double doors. His eyes took notice at some of the players, even one of the most impressive point guards on the team.

The border collie listened to his tunes on his oPhone. until a ping vibrated through his headphones. It was a text from Vic saying that it was okay for him to enter.

Micah tucked away his phone and entered the Spectrums locker room. He took notice of the topless Vic Vos he admired and swooned over before dating his boyfriend. The snow-dipped fox turned his head and glanced at the dog, drawing a smile on his face.

"Hey, young blood," Vic said, opening his locker and reached for his body spray. The muscular fox sprayed all over and Micah tried not to stare at the eye-candy presented before him. He wore his golden jewelry around his neck and forearms, giving his upper body a glorious look.

"Hey Vic, thanks for givin' me a chance to talk to you after the game.” Micah said, being thankful of the opportunity.

"Not a problem at all." The fox said while taking his seat on the bench. "So, what’s on your mind, kid?”

Micah cleared his throat as he remained calm and spoke slowly for Vic to understand him. "Remember that tweet I posted about not trying to have meat with some species?"

"Yeah?" Vic replied.

Micah took his seat on the empty spot on the bench. "Been thinkin’ ‘bout what you said and what the FBA is, consisting of different species.” He paused, taking a breather before continuing on. “Well, I decided to talk to my agent about it. He said a lot of things that were enlightenin’ and perhaps an area I need to work on."

"Good," Vic smiled, nodding his head as he glanced at Micah. “I know this is early to ask you, Micah, but what drives you to join next year's draft?"

Micah replied calmly. "My friends' wish and mine. We all strive to try in the FBA. We all made a promise to try submit our names into the draft pool once we graduate college. All of us had high aspirations, yo. If there were alive today, we’d be all submitting our names into the draft pool.”

“Oh, what happened to them?” Vic asked as he gazed at the border collie’s eyes. The border collie sat there with his eyes tearing up and his voice quivered as he replied.

“They’re dead.” Micah wiped his tears away with his paw. “They were all good kids, Vic. They didn’t deserve to die that day. None of them, did!”

“Hey hey, Micah. Take it easy,” Vic said while wrapping his arm around his shoulders and speaking to him softly. “It’s okay. Just breathe slowly and gather your thoughts together.”

Micah bawled, letting go of his feelings he had for his friend. Vic patted his shoulder and spoke softly. “Hold up, let me get ya something to drink.” The fox got up and fetched him bottled water, handing it to him.

“Here.” The fox said humbly as he took his seat next to him. “Now, want to tell me what happened?”

Micah took a small sip and he managed to calm down after. He breathed heavily and started telling his tale. “Well, my friends were playin’ ball as we usually do after school. This was our tradition ever since we were kids, yo. We ain’t doin’ nuthin’ wrong. We were just havin’ fun until three bastards came up to us and killed my friends, one by one.”

“Whoa shit,” Vic said.

“Yeah. Luckily, my pops came. He shot the murderer’s hand instead of killing him. I then started to have prejudice against certain species, especially mustelids. I thought to myself, ‘Why do you want him to live? This bastard deserves to die.’ Since then, I adopted the phrase 'survival of the fittest.’ It proved to be effective when I was growin’ up in Joisey. It has been my motto, and I will forever live by it."

Micah paused and closely examined Vic’s face. This made Vic slightly uncomfortable. However, Micah studied his facial looks and observed every angle around the fox’s face. Micah's tears dripped from his eyes and smiled a bit, feeling happy of seeing Vic as a silhouette of his friend. After moments of silence, the border collie spoke softly. “You remind me of Damian, a friend I grew with. He’s like here but in you. You two share similar traits, homez.”

“I see,” Vic said softly and ruffled the dog’s red highlighted hair. “I am truly sorry to hear about your losses.”

Micah wiped his tears and glanced at the fox. “Thanks, Vic. He was one of the few friends that got me into basketball and talked about how we had dreams of joinin’ the FBA.”

Silence lingered in the room as Micah sniffled and tears just came down like rain drops. Vic interjected, rubbing his shoulder to comfort him. “Is something wrong, Micah?”

Micah shook his head and smiled. “I’m fine.” He paused while wiping away his tears that trickled down his face. "That’s probably why I was attached to you since you came onto Tweeter. That led me to have feelings for you too. You are just so adorable and good looking. Plus, you remind me of Damian," Micah sighed while gazing at the fox. "Sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my approach towards you lately.”

Vic rubbed the border collie’s shoulder and smiled. “No worries, young blood. I’m glad you told me. I never realized you went through such a terrible event.” After a couple moments of silence, the fox spoke. “Hey, how about I give you a kiss at the All Star Game? Just to give you something to look forward to.”

Micah’s eyes widened, shocked from his idea. “You serious, bro?”

Vic nodded, “Yeah, kid. Even though I’m uncomfortable with this, I’ll make this an exception, just this once. Remember, that is if I get into the All Star Game. So, expect nothing if I don’t make the cut.”

Micah smiled brightly and nodded. “Wow, thanks homez. You truly are a brother. Can’t thank ya enough.” The border smiled and wrapped his paws around the fox. Vic did so in turn and patted his back.

“Good,” the fox said. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Micah shook his head, smiling in his direction. “No, homez. We’re square.”

“All right,” he said while taking out his shirt and putting it on before wearing his jacket. “Well, I’ll see you at the All-Star Game.”

“Aight, Vic,” Micah smiled as he got up from the bench and extended his paw towards the fox. He took the paw and did a firm handshake. Vic smiled and waved towards the border collie. “See ya soon, bro. Thanks. Take care,” Micah said while waving his right hand as he took his exit.

“You too,” Vic replied, while he saw the border collie tucking his paws into his pockets. Micah took his leave towards the parking lot. He exited the stadium and thought about the furs that made the most impact in his life.‘Vic, thanks for watching over me and makin’ sure I’m okay. I’ll be sure to carry out my friends’ dreams. No hindrances this time. All or nothin’.’

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