Not everything about the FBA Universe has been documented yet on WikiFBA. And even if it is, this is the place to hold discussions about the world that these furries exist in.
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I thought it might be fun to post various little facts about our characters--trivia, basically. I'll begin.

Joseph Davis
Joseph underwent a battery of tests during his pre-draft medical when it was discovered his uncle had died of complications of Marfan Syndrome (ironically, while reading Luke 12:20 during a sermon), and Joseph's gigantism and arachnodactyly (i.e. extreme height and long fingers) set off alarm bells. Final diagnosis: Joseph is very tall and has long fingers. He has no other symptoms of Marfan Syndrome, nor do his parents or grandparents have the disorder, so the team doctors are pretty sure he doesn't have it.

Jorge Gonzalez
He thinks little of Spain, dislikes the province of Toledo, hates the city of the same name, and LOATHES his old high school. While he and his agent are most comfortable speaking in Welsh, there are still misunderstandings due to a difference in dialects.

Joseph Trundle
Actually a member of the British Peerage. His grandfather named him heir BECAUSE Joseph was in the FBA, and thus earning a living (unlike Joseph's gambling-addicted uncle).

Michael Morgan
Played power forward on the Red Deer Spitfires in the SFBA, and was drafted by the Royals because he insisted that the owner of both the Royals and the Spitfires owed him two more seasons. He stuck to his old bang-down-low style of play that had served him well on the Spitfires, but quickly discovered it only led to injuries in the FBA.

Bryn Mastiffson
Forgot to send in his draft application to the FBA way back in 1974 (it ended up buried under other papers). In 2014, he sent it directly to Stefan Calico as a prank.

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