2016 draftee Twitter tags

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2016 draftee Twitter tags

Postby Harlow » September 15th, 2016, 10:12 am

An impromptu list for people to find the new draftees of 2016 on twitter. If I forget one, you may beep me~

Doug Dawson - @D0guieDaws0n
Danica Magnano - @_DeeDeeLove_
Tyrese Vaughan - @TyreseVaughan0
Takeru Ishijima - @TakeruIshijima
Tia Terra - @tia_terra
Arved James Penhall - @tuskpenhall
Tahiry Andriamatsinoro - @Tah_A22
Jona Vastenhout - @Vastenball
Arex Gonnes Katu - @AGKballer
Daisuke Tenno - @daisuke_tenno
Akiak Pratt - @AkiakPratt
Mika Mishima - @ginnohoshi
Beau Dapremont - @PoBeauDapremont
Lee Baraquin - @TheBaraccadian
Noah Brown - @NoahBrown323
Rebecca Goldberg - @RGoldBaller
Tasya Fangestu - @TasyaTigress
Paul Paulichek - @PaulPaulichek
Natalie Bellemare - @PerceBellemare
Tua Wati - @TuaWeta87
Tyrone Gale - @MmmDashing
Marshall Anderson Rhodes - @MarsATTAXdaRIM
Francisco Garibay - @FGabriday
Logan Greene - @LGreene30
New ones not directly IC owned by a draftee:

Lukasz Abrahamowicz (agent) - @LAbrahamowicz
Quincy Robertson (New HNT GM) - @HntsvilleMayors
Teres Kalin (New WPG HC) - @tereskalin
Jackson Kelpler (agent)- @jacksonkelpler

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