July 25th League Updates

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July 25th League Updates

Postby Stefan Calico » July 25th, 2014, 12:00 am

With the completion of one season and the start of a new one, Lots of things are going on in the league. Here's the major announcements:

Team Staff - The General Managers for the 24 teams have been appointed! Check out the list here.
League Committee - Nominations are open for the five positions, please have a look at the list of candidates here.
Contract Buttons - All of the Unrestricted Free Agents and even the Restricted Free Agents now have contract buttons on their pages for GMs to begin making offers. That's 350 players. Wow.
Free Agency - Yes, Free Agency is officially open. You can track the contract offers here.
New Email Address - The Commissioner will now be available via commish@furrybasketball.com while the old fba@furrybasketball.com will be used mainly for reporting issues with the various parts of the website.

If there's anything I missed, do let me know!
Stefan Calico
FBA Commissioner
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