2016 Pre-Season: Day 3 (10/17)

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2016 Pre-Season: Day 3 (10/17)

Postby Stefan Calico » October 22nd, 2016, 10:18 pm

* (by XenosBlade)

Hello ladies and gentlefurs to the warm and wonderful country of South Africa! My name is Marcus Baylor and today we’re going to have a little special treat as the FBA goes overseas! Where the Bangor Tides get to play against the Biloxi Voodoo in preseason play! We start off in the 1st quarter with both teams coming out strong in their respective starting lineups. For Bangor, we’re seeing the rooks playing strong into from the beginning, more noticeably the 2nd round pick of Hector Hart with a strong start shooting perfect 3/3, scoring the most so far. However, the veterans Aragon Fisher and Wallace Butler both showed that they still have it as they scored a total of 10 points in 4/5 shooting. It may be the preseason, but both teams are playing there heart out.End of 1st> BGR 19, BLV 20
Things were continuing to be tight within the start of the second period. The newest member of the Voodoo Tanya Feckle is playing lights out as she was able to get found wide open by Fisher for easy jumpers, finishing the half with 8 points. However, the young furs is the name of the game for the Tide as Logan Greene, one of many first rounders for them, played lights out offensively as he scored ¾ and finished the half leading everyone in scoring with 9 points. The 7-year veteran Fisher continues to do what he does best as he finished the half with most assists in the game (4 total). Finally, fellow Tide first rounder Tia Terra also made her presence known on the glass as she finished with the most boards with a total of 6. The Voodoo is still holding the lead by one! End of 2nd> BGR 42, BLV 43
Even though the game is still tight, the Voodoo seems to be the one cracking down first as they couldn’t be able to get to the basket in the early minutes of the second half. The rookie duo of Greene and Hart are showing to be too much for the older Voodoo squad. Greene showed much more of his court general skills as Hart was able to once again take that to his advantage, both having 11 points so far in the game. However, the same can be said for Feckle as she was able to still make a lot of noise for Biloxi as she was able to enter the fourth with scoring the most points (13 points) and showing her grind for grind attitude on defense, grabbing a steal and a block. The Tides lead by 4! End of 3rd> BGR 64, BLV 60
Tanya Feckle continued to ball out with a fantastic performance in the 4th, scoring perfectly to finish with 19 points for the night and showing her athleticism with grabbing 7 boards (3 offensively). Reinhardt also had a fantastic game, finishing with another dubdub to add for his career with 12 points and 10 boards of his own. However, it wasn’t enough as the young duo of Greene and Hart had an offensive field day with both finishing the game with 14 points each and a total of 8 assists between the two of them. Although, the player the that earns PotG honors for tonight is Tia Terra with 14 boards, a block, and a surprising assist! It was a good game throughout, but in the end youth prevails! Final Score> BGR 85, BLV 78

BGR 19 23 22 21 85
BLV 20 23 17 18 78
PotG: Tia Terra - 8 pts, 14 rebs, 1 ast, 1 blk.
Voodoo Mama: Tanya Feckle - 19 pts, 7 rebs, 1 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk.
INJURY: Randulf Mackenbach - D2D (knee strain)

* (by Stryker)

Curtis Matheson here and I’m thrilled to tell you how it went down in the Edmonton Totems and the Hawaii Kahunas game. First off, a beautiful jump-shot from Romanoren score the first points for the Totems. Then, we got Casey Rucks going for the basket but got blocked by Julian Cross-Kiraly, rejected by the saluki who has been showing promise throughout the season. The Kahunas’ point guard Teo Masalia attempts for a two-point basket but Luukas Hirvonen steals the ball and the Kahunas scramble on defense but wasn’t able to stop the cougar’s basket. The Kahunas’ super-star Scoonie Barrett proved to be a tour-de-force for the team, closing the gap within a basket, with EDM leading 24-22 at the end of the 1st quarter.
The rookie Beau Dapremont rebounded the ball after a failed attempt from Kiraly. Look at that dog go! He’s certainly on my radar. Hirvonen does his team wonders with those baskets, keeping the team ahead of the Kahunas, making it a 32-30 lead. Chester Longtail rebounded the ball from HWI and passes it over to Rucks, with Rucks passing the ball to Crosby and hits the backboard before counting it as two points. However, seeing how HWI needs to come back, it looks like they’re changing up their game plan here. Masalia is in deep talks with Scoonie and they both agreed. Teaming up, they managed to close the gap, making a one-point game with EDM still taking the lead. End of Q2> EDM 47, HWI 46.
We come to the 2nd half of the game. Things are looking intense for both teams as they exchanged and scoring baskets. Hirvonen is losing his touch while Barrett manages to keep things going for the team, trying to close the gap. However, EDM is certainly not allowing them to have their way. EDM calls for a timeout and strategizes their priorities and how to counter HWI’s top scorer with 19 points. It seems like EDM will sit out Romanoren while they put in Longtail to play for him. The rookies are showing their colors here, especially in EDM since they missed their play-off chance last season. Buckley managed to shine here scoring a basket for the team. Amazing what a beaver can do! With the end of the 3rd quarter, the score is 72-69 EDM.
The 4th quarter may as well be considered a blood bath of sorts (Of course, in a figurative sense). Both teams fought with 100% of their efforts to try and earn their pre-season win. Hirvonen’s leadership proved strong here with each team player doing their part. Kasa Yalenchka performed admirably tonight with her scoring 17 pts, 5 assists and 3 steals. On the Kahunas side, Scoonie Barrett puts up 29 points with a stunning 11 rebounds and a block. Kiraly did excellent here having 3 assists and 2 steals. With the overall result, EDM has a really strong chance of making it through the season with the chemistry they have. Luukas Hirvonen takes home the Player of the Game title and Barrett gains the “Big Kahuna” title. The final score is EDM 102, HWI 101. This is Curtis Matheson, with FSPN, signing off.

EDM 24 23 25 30 102
HWI 22 24 23 32 101
PotG: Luukas Hirvonen - 21 pts, 1 reb, 7 asts, 2 stls.
Big Kahuna: Scoonie Barrett - 29 pts, 11 reb, 2 asts, 1 blk.

* (by JWolfman)

Tashira Rucson here at the Howlers' Treasure State Arena for a preseason game between Montana and the San Jose Thrust! This is expected to be a strong matchup between two teams that expected to return to the playoffs this season and the history between the two teams is rather storied. The first quarter was rather even, with Sterling Bengtzing showing little indication that he will suffer the sophomoric year curse as he held his own on the paint. By the end of the first quarter, he ends with a notable six points, a good start for the Center! Meanwhile Blythe Nacht, having returned to the San Jose Thrust from FA, is also having a good start, the guard matching Bengtzing's six points to lead his team in the scoring stat thus far. MON 25, SJT 24 by Q1
As the second quarter progresses, the Montana Howlers had been chipping away at the Thrust's defenses, and while the Thrust are trying their best to match their opponents shot by shot, the Howlers are beginning to pull away and extending their lead. Nacht continued to lead his team in scoring with nine points, but Dewitt Azad Ghakhar has been grabby with the ball, earning six rebounds already while Elijah Sommers, who hadn't played much last season, and rookie Jona Vastenhout each earned three assists thus far for their team. Montana's Christian Ashbury has also been making sharp passes to teammates for scoring opportunities, earning four assists thus far, but Bengtzing continues to impress with ten points and grabbing five rebounds thus far in this first half. MON 53, SJT 46 by Q2
Something must have happened during halftime as Bengtzing had gone cold in his shooting and the Thrust are clawing their way to keep up with Montana. Thankfully for the Howlers, Regulus Lowenthal has picked up the pace and tied with his controversial teammate Bengtzing in points with 12 by the end of the quarter. Blythe Nacht kept the Thrust's hopes alive in this game with his consistent shooting, and now leads both teams in scoring with 16. However it may be too late for this Central Californian team. Will they be able to make a miraculous comeback in the final quarter, or has the Thrust run out of momentum to propel forward and silence the Howlers? MON 79, SJT 71 by Q3
Has anyone told these two teams that this is just a preseason game? You know, a game that is mostly practice and the end result doesn't actually matter? The San Jose Thrust apparently didn't get the memo as they continued to fight and claw their way to a fourth quarter comeback! Not only has their offense picked up with Blythe Nacht ending the game with 20 points with 8 for 15 shooting (3 for 7 from the woods), but their defense stifled the Howlers to the point where Montana wasn't howling anymore but whimpering. Bengtzing's impressive first half has long been forgotten as the Thrust prevented him from earning a double-double, and he only managed to score 6 points in the entire second half, ending with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Regulus Lowenthal's deadly accuracy (6 for 9 shooting) earned him an impressive 14 points with 8 rebounds as Montana fought back to keep the game tight. However after a clutch shot from Dewitt Azad Ghakhar, the game was tied with just 25 seconds to go. After the Howlers missed a shot, Miguel Mendoza grabbed the rebound and hurriedly makes a desperate heave shot from 27 feet away as time ran out... and the ball cleanly went through the basket with a swish, silencing the Montana fans. Blythe Nacht earned POTG honors as the Thrust managed to pull out a last heave victory. This is Tashira Rucson, signing off. SJT 101, MON 98 Final

SJT 24 22 25 30 101
MON 25 28 26 19 98
PotG: Blythe Nacht - 20 pts, 2 rebs, 3 asts, 2 stl.
Loudest Howler: Sterling Bengtzing - 16 pts, 9 rebs, 2 asts, 1 stl, 2 blk.

* (by Patrick Suarez)

Greetings from Charm City Center here in Baltimore! This is your stats-jackal Patrick Suarez covering the game between the Minutemen and the Spirits. The visitors from Virginia look to use the pre-season to rest their stars and test their young players, while the hosting Maryland club has returned home from a sound beating in their earlier match visiting the Pride. The action in the first quarter of this contest sees a lot of buckets sunk from mid-range, with neither club having much success down in the post early thanks to solid defense on both sides. At the end of one quarter, Williamsburg trails by 5: WIL 18, BAL 23.
Heading into the second quarter, the focus continues to be in the back-court with jumpers and long-balls being the offensive weapon of choice. Not saying that the forwards and centers aren't contributing, as both Timothy Svengaard and Lorraine Schaefer have put up a total of 10 points for the Minutemen while Brax Trenor and new pickup Quintessa Hartnett account for 9 of Baltimore's points this half. But looking at the leaderboards, the guards are pretty much in charge of the game, with Mikaylah Marley continuing to lead Williamsburg and Sarah Michelle Dunbar doing the same for the Spirits with 11 points each. The halftime score: WIL 42, BAL 48.
Coming out of the break, not much has been adjusted in the strategies of either coach, leading the home team to extend their lead on the visitors by a couple of buckets by the end of the quarter. The one noticeable change has been in Baltimore's front court, with both Theodore Rockwell and Kortni Whitelatch each taking advantage of the younger Connor Caracal and lighting up the scoreboard as a result. Rockwell takes over the lead scorer role for the Spirits, although Mikaylah Marley keeps herself tied with Theo with 15 points apiece for each player as they lead their clubs into the final frame. Minutemen are down by 10: WIL 62, BAL 72.
Diminishing a double-digit deficit seems daunting, but not impossible for a championship caliber team in the throes of a playoff series. However, as this is a pre-season match, the Williamsburg coaching staff was content to continue fielding their young players against Baltimore's mix of talented veterans and rising stars. While it translated into a slightly larger gap by the end of the game, the defensive efforts of the Minutemen proved to be solid enough to prevent an embarrassing rout on the road. Final score> WIL 85, BAL 98.

WIL 18 24 20 23 85
BAL 23 25 24 26 98
PotG: Theodore Rockwell - 21 pts, 6 rebs, 2 asts, 1 stl, 1 blk.
Masterful Minuteman: Mikaylah Marley - 19 pts, 4 rebs, 3 asts, 2 stls.
Other notables: Lorraine Schaefer (10p on 4/10fg 2/3ft, 9r, 1a, 3b), Kortni Whitelatch (11p on 5/8fg 1/1ft, 6r w/1o, 2a).

* (edited by Patrick Suarez)

Boxscores> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DTF7YkQ29Scaw48K-R7k6EsQOd6FN_8cFzLUhAqaDu0/pubhtml?gid=1603665954&single=true
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