TEN GM - Official Statement on the Moonshiner Situation

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TEN GM - Official Statement on the Moonshiner Situation

Postby Chains » August 20th, 2014, 10:40 pm

To everyone in the FBA,

This is AJ. Some of you know me as Chains, and I play Vinnie Verminus, GM of the Moonshiners.

I screwed up. Big time.

It was never my intention to cause issues. When I took over the Moonshiners, I did so wanting to give the team some authentic Nashville love, as I moved to the Bay Area from there.

When I took over, I saw that I had 4 people leaving and 2.5 mil to work with as a budget and I paniced. I tried trading everyone but the starters with no bites, and as I moved up the starters, people only seemed interested in PT. It was a dumb move, but I traded him, Aragon Fisher as well. I'm new to this, and I'm going to make rookie mistakes.

To Farallon, whom I hope reads this, I am sorry. When I met you, I said it was my priority to honor the team and what's happened before it, and I failed in doing that. All I can do is assure you is was not my intention to rip the team to shreds.

To Buck, I hold you is such high regard, and your opinion matters so much, that you have no idea how much your disdain of my actions hurt me. But I made those actions and I am due that pain.

To everyone else, all I can do is ask for your forgiveness, understanding, and help in learning the ropes of being a GM.

I joined the FBA because I love the community. I love the fact that I can tell stories and help others tell their stories. I've always been one for stories over statistics.

I consider you all my friends, but I also know that that feeling is not universally reciprocated. While that saddens me, I understand it.

I spoke with Stevie, and what I suggested happen was this.

1. I make a public apology and statement. This is that statement.

2. All trades that have happened stay in place. It was suggested that there would be the possibility of reversing actions, but I feel that both sets a bad precedent but mostly it takes away the responsibility of my actions. I made this bed and now I have to lie in it.

3. All trades I do will be under tighter scrutiny until I am more familiar with the processes of being a GM.

Please know that my door is always open. Skype, Twitter, FA, heck if you need my cell phone number, I've always been adamant about being able to communicate with people and getting feedback. If I do something that you take issue with, please contact me. I generally try to be a nice guy about these things.

Sorry if this is a little short, I'm very exhausted from this ordeal, and I just wish to move on.

Thank you for your time.


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Re: TEN GM - Official Statement on the Moonshiner Situation

Postby Tazel » August 21st, 2014, 4:22 am


That took a lot of bravery. *HUG*

After our conversation as well, know that I support you too. When I was first chosen as a head coach for the Typhoons, I made some stupid mistakes too, but I learned from them, moved on, and things got better. You will too.

I ask the FBA to show the same compassion and camaraderie that drew me to its ranks, to Chains as well. This would also mean, regardless of how cutthroat your GM might be, that OOC the more experienced members might confirm any unbalanced trades with 'Are you SURE you want to do this?'. If there is certainty, then there's a reason. If not, then another crisis can be averted. I know, were I a GM, I could easily do a similar thing, and I would hope people might be watching out for the new guy.

Keep going, Chains. Don't let this slow you down, but do ask around a bit more for advice if you feel unsteady. I believe more people will want to help you than you think.

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Re: TEN GM - Official Statement on the Moonshiner Situation

Postby lizzimba » August 21st, 2014, 7:10 am

Hey Chains, that was a nice little statement.

If I'm perfectly honest, I feel some of the criticism has been a touch overboard. At the end of the day this is meant to be a fun project and I feel that the locations of certain players shouldn't be held in such high regard. I understand the trades were crappy (they definitely were) but I come from a culture of football where confusing and crappy trades are quite regular! Maybe it seemed more realistic to me than some.

I can see why Farallon and may have been dissapointed to see the otters go, but he isn't in control of the Moonshiners anymore, and the end of the day - the mechanics of being able to trade any player has to be in place otherwise the game side of the game falls apart. I'm sure there is a fascinatig story to be told in PT going to Vegas and Tay McKie coming the other way, and I wanna hear it, in fact I'm actively looking forward to it. If Farallon wanted to make sure the otters stayed, he should have maintained control. He has no more claim to those otters at one team than any other player at any team, and the rules of the organisation is that they are at the mercy of the FBA system, and that is that they can freely traded at any time. I think its a dangerous precedent in some was as you may have noticed trading and contract offers basically seemed to cease for a couple of days after the Fisher trade. I started to wonder about my wholesale trades and whether I would make people angry.

I think where you may have failed is keeping the trades realistic and the story of the franchise unrealistic. A team wouldn't sell their Final MVP that easily, nor would they make such crappy trades. However these are very fixable factors in the future, and it certainly created one hell of a story for the FBA in the long run. So perhaps you deserve a small slap on the wrist for forgetting the story side whilst focusing on the game side. That said, I think some of the criticism was overly harsh when at the end of the da you were trying to contribute to the league in a positive way. I think we need to reflect on what our priorities are in that regard and tone down things a little if things get a little unrealistic. People were right to point out their grievences (mine is Vegas have been gifted a world class player for virtually nothing) but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water next shall we guys? We are all friends here.

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Re: TEN GM - Official Statement on the Moonshiner Situation

Postby gideonwebb » August 21st, 2014, 7:29 am

I did not realize that there was such a controversy over these decisions; to be honest, I just thought they were a part of the story line. I am sorry that this has caused you so much pain and energy. We all make mistakes, and I am sure, that if I were a GM, I would make some doozies. I hope that this becomes like water under the bridge for you. I am sure you will do an excellent job, it will just take time.

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Re: TEN GM - Official Statement on the Moonshiner Situation

Postby qovapryi » August 22nd, 2014, 12:30 pm

Hey Chains,

I feel you dealt with this situation really well. However, I'm sincerely bewildered at the amount of criticism you received for your trades, no matter how much they could be questionable. I can only hope that the more experienced members of the FBA will keep in mind in the future that us newbies are (sadly) bound to make mistakes, and that discussing it with the concerned individual might be infinitely more useful than going on with a public tirade he/she might not even see.

As Tazel and Lizzimba said, don't let what happened slow you down. You're a great guy, and I'm sure that with time you'll make a great GM. Keep kicking tail!


(PS. I've had to deal with unpleasant feelings towards the Fisher deal ever since agreeing to it, especially after witnessing the ruckus it caused (which I knew it would) - so much that the day after it was finalized I was about to ask Stevie if he could revert that decision and consider that void, as I was legitimately concerned about some comments I read and I wanted to avoid any kind of major blow-up to happen over this. I ended up not going through this because I didn't want to deviate the Commissioner's attention from the upcoming Combine Draft Challenge, and also because I thought I would get contacted about that very soon, given the tenor of some people's opinion about my team getting a player like Fisher for almost nothing in exchange. However, this didn't happen, and reading the point 2 of Chains' statement, I can see why. Still, If anyone has been harboring any ill feelings towards me "exploiting" Chains in order to get a hold of the 2014 Finals MVP, I can only plead you to hit me either on Skype/mail/the note system of FA and I'll explain you what happened in detail.)

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Re: TEN GM - Official Statement on the Moonshiner Situation

Postby JTigerclaw » August 23rd, 2014, 6:35 pm

I just wanted to very quickly chime in as to where I stand on this.

Chains, you haven't done anything wrong. The only thing wrong with the trades you did was they we're pretty unrealistic and the two teams you traded with feel like they struck it rich. IC, there are people upset, as they should be. The moves forced Jamie Velasquez to reconsider her future in TEN, as I feel would naturally happen. But your moves are creating stories. And in a way, the fact you had the balls to do something like this really says something about what you value as an FBA contributor. As I've been saying, "success" doesn't just mean wins or a championship. "Success" in the FBA is building a deep universe and creating stories. TEN may not be winning the championship next season, but everyone is talking about them. NOBODY was talking about the Moonshiners last season, even barely a few mentions when they win the championship.

The people who are mad OOC, ok, they may have a connection to a player or think it's unfair to do an unbalanced trade. I get that. But there is no need to jump down your throat either. You know they were bad trades, and you'll learn from that. But you're making the best out of it, using it as a chance to bring drama (the good kind) to the FBA universe and get people talking and having feelings for your team, the players, etc. And that, in my mind, is a form of success. :)

Keep doing what you do, keep learning, ask for help if you need it, and don't let this get you down. You're fine, trust me! ;)
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