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New Cards Against the FBA deck

Posted: October 18th, 2017, 12:25 pm
by Keitaro Kurosaki
Hey everyone we have found the old CAFBA deck is a bit clogged with old cards that need to be taken out, sadly we are having problems doing that. So I am proposing making a new deck with new more current cards.

here is what Cardcast allows for making both Black and White cards.

Deck Building Style Guide
Part of the fun of Cardcast is combining several decks for a unique game. Following these guidelines will help your custom deck blend with other existing decks.

An underscore (_) indicates where a response fits into a call. Use up to three.
Good: I always say _ makes a great gift.
Good: _ is the best thing about _.
Good: What makes a great gift? _
Bad: What makes a great gift?
Calls: Write as sentences using proper punctuation and capitalization.
Good: The latest Californian fad is _.
Bad: the latest Californian fad is _.
Bad: The latest californian fad is _
Responses: Only capitalize proper nouns and generally exclude punctuation.
Good: yoga classes with Batman
Bad: yoga classes with Batman.
Bad: Yoga classes with Batman
Call and response phrasing must match. Ideally, calls should prompt noun-like responses.
Bad: last night we jump up and down.
OK: last night we decided to jump up and down.
Best: last night was full of jumping up and down.

Re: New Cards Against the FBA deck

Posted: October 18th, 2017, 12:49 pm
by Kinto
You can browse the old one here:

I can renovate it if there's a consensus on what cards to take out and what to add.

EDIT: I just went ahead now and purged a few obsolete characters.