Kresta Boot camp story idea

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Kresta Boot camp story idea

Postby MigeYeFoxe » June 22nd, 2014, 12:48 am

So a story idea I've had running around my head for a week or two now. The concept is that feeling the need to get much better than she is Kresta would go participate in a sort of basketball boot camp over the month of July (currently thinking probably July 7-28). Originally they were going to be really abusive and whatnot but I've since decided to just make them rather unconventional and only not tied up as a group officially to a team because of wanting independence on training policies. The kinds of drills they'd be doing would be ones involving playing with the lighting and otherwise placing people into positions where they have to learn more complicated skills. Main thing is as a story it works better if there are more people there than just Kresta. After all if I can get to ten people or more being there then they could do scrimmages to test these skills being worked on.

So I guess the main question is do any of you all have any characters (preferably ones already active players but draft candidate is fine) they are willing to let me include in this story? Else if anyone has any good suggestions for unconventional training drills (I already have a few in mind) that'd be much appreciated as well.
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