Fleshing out an idea

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Fleshing out an idea

Postby Akkarri » June 9th, 2014, 2:59 pm

I had started the idea a bit with Corbin Li'Arci in a story (Personal Trials) and a set of tweets from around that time. But I have been considering pushing up the idea again, and, perhaps, even for the Pre-season or pre-draft.

Well the idea I had was to have potentially a "Charity game" or "Charity event" to help a charity involved in cancer research and treatment, considering how Corbin's sister had been Diagnosed and he wished to help her and others like her. Considering the timeline, It might be interesting to have the event as a charity opportunity for "sponsors," some of the general attendees / clubs and the like. But make it an opportunity for current players, Potential Draft candidates, agents, and others to interact, potentially have unique events, skirmishes, and maybe even throw together teams for a small "tournament" for the charity.

Personally I'd think it would be interesting to even have professional player volunteers to "captain" some of the draft candidate teams for the tournament, but really mostly for fun and to show how the teams play together with someone with some experience in the professional ranks. But really a chance for the current players to interact with the next generation of players all in the name of charity and fun and a chance for the candidates to be seen more.

Granted I'm not the best at putting such things together, but more than willing to help put things together. I'm just here posing the idea, and gauging Interest, maybe gathering some other ideas. So just to add more color to our events!

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Re: Fleshing out an idea

Postby JTigerclaw » June 9th, 2014, 10:40 pm

I like the idea of a charity event with current and future FBA players! :D

If you can organize it, I have some characters who would be interested. :)
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Other characters: Not enough space to list em all :P

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Re: Fleshing out an idea

Postby Darkwolf » June 10th, 2014, 1:20 am

I would be happy to help with this idea as well. I wouldn't mind helping organize it and know plenty of people that would jump on it.

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Re: Fleshing out an idea

Postby Arterian » June 10th, 2014, 10:54 pm

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Re: Fleshing out an idea

Postby KevinMalka » June 10th, 2014, 11:11 pm

I know Kevin would very likely attend an event for charity, it's an important thing to him.

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Re: Fleshing out an idea

Postby Akkarri » June 19th, 2014, 3:01 pm

Just working to jot some ideas down that I've been typing up. Been kinda busy the last week or so.

But for this, I think it would be good to have this as available for both Draft Candidates and various current players and Free agents. Like I said, they could potentially be useful at the event as Team Captains, or the like to make things interesting. If they wish, they can walk the floors as well to meet and mingle. Kind of to make this an all inclusive event really, not just a "Draft candidate" only event of sorts.

But some ideas for events:

Events open throughout the weekend:

Agent's room

Journalists room

Gym & Physical Trainers available

Practice court for Skirmishes / practice

Day 1:

Registration of participants

Welcome Speach

Information available about the orgainization.

Information on the charity.

All courts open for practice and skirmishes

Day 2:

Late Registrations

All courts open for practice,

Private Rooms available for Agents and Journalists

Charity Meet and Greets

Day 3:

Team Registrations for 5v5 tournament

All courts open

Private Rooms available for Agents and Journalists

Day 4:

Practice court open early before the tournament begins.

Charity Tournament using the various time slots, (Style still open for debate, considering it's 5v5 and a one day event)

Private rooms available for Agents and Journalists planning interviews.

Day 5:

Practice courts available for those wishing to stay.

Closing events (Speaches giving of the procedes to the chairity, ECT.)

Still plenty that could be added, made more organized, and more. Would be nice to have this so availability could be maximized and any players who would like could come. Hard with the current schedule, but that's why it's still just an idea =P

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