Rules of "Roleplay"

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Rules of "Roleplay"

Postby Stefan Calico » May 16th, 2014, 6:55 pm

Just a few things to remember when posting in IC Forums:

1. Do not god mod.

This is a case of where someone is caught fiddling with the canon and twisting the "rules" to their own benefit without the permission of the League Committee. This includes being able to inexplicably overcome obstacles, having an unreasonably overpowered ability or unusual self-serving event, or controlling other Creators' characters.

Some exceptions to this can occur, such as being granted permission to control another character for a period of time, earning abilities through the Engine's improvement allowances, even being granted a one-time event as a result of storyline and character development.

2. Do not meta game.

I think this is the term used for this definition, but don't quote me on that. Meta gaming involves your character knowing everything that you know, as if they were sitting next to you and reading everything on the screen. In a sense, it can be considered another form of god modding. This could potentially allow your character to make deductions involving factors that they either weren't around for or couldn't have possibly noticed, as well as detract from their development in the overall storyline. While some scenarios can make this possible, it's generally looked at as a bit of a bother by others, and is generally best avoided.

3. Stay in character as much as possible.

You will be expected to play the role of whomever you are posting as. In cases where you need to add a small out of character note to your post in order to explain or inquire about something, place it in a set of double parentheses or brackets for sake of convenience. Anything beyond that, like suggestions or potential quips is best taken up at The Water Cooler board.

Also, the way you approach your character's point of view is merely a matter of preference, so it can be either first person, third person, or even second person if you want (or, much less, figure out how). Just make sure what goes on in the post will be clear to others.

4. Keep any potentially mature content to a minimum.

This is a public board, available for public viewing. This means anybody, member or guest, can see what's posted here. Therefore, it is most advisable that any content in any of these boards is kept suitable for younger viewers as well. This includes gore, foul language, mature content, anything considered explicit -- please try to keep it at a PG-13 rating at the most. Anything considered unavoidable for sake of the story should be kept in an "implied" status.

5. Have fun!

All right, I had to post a sappy rule like that at some point. But if you're not having fun, do let us know what you think may be the problem. The forum moderators as well as the Committee are available to try and resolve issues as quickly as they can. Use the Q/C/S board in the General/Introduction forum as a starting point.

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