FBADL Changes

For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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FBADL Changes

Postby JWolfman » March 14th, 2018, 9:38 am

FBADL Changes

Starting by the 2018-19 Season, there will be major changes for the FBA's Developmental League. The changes have been approved by FBADL President Saul Tenamardi and unaniminous vote by all ten FBADL team owners.

* Player salaries to increase to $210,000 but each contract will remain on a season by season basis. Therefore any player that wish to return to the FBADL with no other contract obligations must sign new contract papers even with their previous team. The salary is flat-rate for every player, but any player that fulfills all the games of the contracted seasons will be awarded a bonus of $20,000.

* The Five-Year Restriction rule will be officially abolished. Therefore there will be no limit on the years of experience a player can have in order to be eligible for the FBADL. The only major restriction remain is that they have to be eligible to play for the FBA league.

* The number of games in the regular season will decrease from 50 games to 40 games. The playoff system of the top team representing each conference to face each other in the Finals remains the same. The Finals will remain using a Best-of-Five series system.

* The FBADL All-Star Game will be aligned in place within the FBA's All-Star Week, and will be located wherever the current FBA All-Star Week location is.

* The Weston Tunnel Diggers will relocate to Providence, Rhode Island, USA and will be renamed the Providence Saints. Their new color schemes will be gold and red.

* The Connecticut Dots will change their name to Hartford Garnets. Their new color schemes will be purple and black.

* The Rocky Mountain Royals will change their name to the Alberta Royals. Their color scheme remains the same.
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Re: FBADL Changes

Postby MrInitialMan » June 11th, 2018, 12:09 pm

JWolfman wrote:* The Rocky Mountain Royals will change their name to the Alberta Royals. Their color scheme remains the same.

Why the name change? :)

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