Off-Season News (2016)

For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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Off-Season News (2016)

Postby JWolfman » March 22nd, 2016, 8:20 am

Due to new FBADL rules, only players with a Draft Year that is a maximum of five years from the current FBADL season will be eligible to enter and/or remain in the league. Keep in mind however that until the players announce retirement, they will still be considered FA/RFAs for the FBA and thus can still be open for FBA contract offers from teams. The following players are now ruled ineligible for FBADL play:

Sharon Sawchuk
Archi Redd
Cedric Sellers
Alex Mastiffson
Fritz Jansen

The FBADL management has decided to extend the five-limb rule into the FBADL. Therefore, the following player has been ruled ineligible to remain in the FBADL:

Atticus Polyphemus
Narkissa Kassius (TAL) - Akako Tsubasa (LOR) - Adam Tevela (QNS) - Yesina Selas (SAS) - Brad Pullman (TXS) - Shanice Alveres (FA) - Xavier Saffiren (WPG) - Greg Saffiren (WPG)

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