FBADL-CBA Agreements

For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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FBADL-CBA Agreements

Postby JWolfman » October 31st, 2015, 7:53 am

* Each player in the FBADL will have a $160,000 per season contract. All contracts are for one year only. If a player stays on the team for the entirety of 50 games in a season, they will be awarded bonuses of $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the discretion of the team General Manager.

* If a player leaves the team at mid-season, the resulting salary paid will depend on the number of games left in the season.

* The FBADL Creation Draft selections will be reduced from 150 slots to 130. This will provide each team with 13 players from the start.

* All FBADL teams must have a minimum of 9 players at all times during the season.

* The FBADL Finals will be a best of five series instead of the original proposal of three games.

* If an eligible FBA player enters the FBADL at mid-season, they will be enter a pool reserve and be selected by a FBADL team to fill in any empty slots in their roster. There will be a seven-day bidding period in which any FBADL team can offer the player a spot on their roster.

* The FBADL will have no preseason. The reasoning behind this is that the entire FBA D-League is meant as a 'practice and training' system for the FBA entirely, thus rendering the point of a preseason to be moot.

Eligible FBA players to enter the FBADL must follow these criteria:

-- The player must be drafted by the 2010 season as the earliest date. This is only relevant for the 2015-16 season.
-- For future seasons, there is a three-year 'cut off point' between the current active season and the player's Draft Year.
-- The player must have no active FBA suspensions.
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