For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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Postby JWolfman » September 21st, 2015, 5:13 pm

This is the main pre-draft roster list inputted into the engine I'm using for the FBA D-League. If you see any of your characters in this list, PLEASE inform me if you wish to take the character off the list before the Draft for storyline reasons. If you don't and force me to take out a character after the Draft, then I'll have a little mess of adjustments to do and I will like you a little less.

If a player in the list get a contract offer in the FBA, that's okay and actually -expected- anyway. I won't be mad if that happens. :P

However, I may have made some mistakes so I'm going to need people to go over the names (especially the more obscure ones) to see if the characters are actually eligible:

The characters must have a 'Draft Year' of 2010 or later. Any character that has a Draft Year of 2009 or earlier needs to be taken off this list.

If there are any missing characters that you feel should be inputted, please let me know. Thank you!


Tejay Aamoth
Zuri Afolayan
Leonid Aksarin
Ivan Altamesa
Shanice Alvares
George Bailey
Frank Billingsley
Pierce Blackwood
Noah Brink
Wallace Butler
Esequiel Cajeta
J. Callaghan-Burton
Cassandra Cassiano
Brent Challenger
Victor Chiroptera
Reggie Coale
Keith Cortado
Frank Collins
Violet Collins
Emanuel Conwell
Nora Cullen
Lucian Darcy
Rudolf Deraine
Antso Djorn
Adonis Fairheart (added into list)
Logan Fang
Odin Farley
Juan Andres Ffrost
Larry Flurry
Shawntae Gibson
Hadrian Gonsold
Korene Gooding
Xavier Duncan Hanover
Mitch Henderson
Charita Hendley
Juniper Hill
Vic Hockner
Nikki Holmes
Vernon Hopsdale
Angelica Hutton
Deigo Imperio
Fritz Jansen (added to list)
Aza Johnson
Deni Kabarga
Keo Kabat
Vladimir Katja
Sofia Kikian
Troy Kilson
Rytis Konstanblackas (deleted from list, accepted 3y contract to EFBL)
Sierra Krozny
Auric Kulz
Denise Lazique
Japer Lee
Alexandra Lenore
Humberto Leos
Gale Let
Victor Likely
San Ling
Justin Links
Kevin Lokhart
Tucker Love
Regulus Lowenthal
Osiris Masaari
Brian Maddys Insu
Jirra Martin
Jordan Marx
Alex Masstiffson
Jorey Mavrick
Kyle McCloud
Robert McGlynn
Clovis McKay
Miguel Mendoza
Rollo Mestdagh
Daphne Milos
Kadala Mincus
Jada Minucci
Alexander Moon
Raelyn Munro
August Murphy
Kang-Dae Nabi
Otis Najac
Jeri Naranjo
Fireflame Nightsmoke
Kelsey Norath
Fit Normello
Xander Ori (added to list)
Emi O'Rourke
Chester O'Shaghnessy
Natnael Omar
Jacinta Ortega
Gorge Pappamalous
Emmett Paul
Vincent Pelletier
Maximilian Piers
Lim Poong
Gerald Puck
Barkley Quinonez
Randy Radspinner
Shubhra Rajni
Deshaun Rayban
Archi Redd
Normanna Redway
Jean-Baptiste Reynard
Brett Rhondae
Perklis Rodino
Richard Rojas
Ryan Rottshep
Roberta Ryan
Greg Saffiren
Alejandro Salazar
Sharon Sawchuk
Rudiger Schoenwaldd
Katherine Scuri
Sasha Selanne
Cedric Sellers
Brian Shaw
Jenifer Shelton
Pavlov Shivchenko
Bayu Sidoharjo
Rikki Singh
John Smith
Jakob Spitz
Bruneau St Claire
Hector Summers
Anteros Sveria
Jerome Swimmer
Ozzie Templeton
Edmond Thiesen
Bruce Thiessen
Sally Tom
Alain Tsai
Akako Tsubasa
Arcturo Vecchiopiuma
Javier Villagomez
Zachery Vincent
Albert von Middendorff (offered FBA contract, will remain on list until official signing)
Andrew West (added to list)
Domino White
Ron Williamson
Morgan Winther
Julie Anne Wolfram
Kang-Fe Xie
Kenta Yamashita
Mason Yoder
Mahmud Zarif
PJ Zarr
Aristotle Zechariah
Raul Zuleta
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Postby itsamadworld919 » September 23rd, 2015, 12:35 am

JW - Feel free to use this document to quick browse and see if their draft years are correct: ... edit#gid=0

Much easier to navigate than a Wiki. ;)

Also I'm hoping Wallace Butler gets picked up!

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Postby itsamadworld919 » September 29th, 2015, 10:13 pm

Please remove Edmond Theisen from the list (he's playing in the UFFL; I tried to retcon him last season as he's never played for any FBA team)

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