A Letter to the Media (New FBADL President)

For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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A Letter to the Media (New FBADL President)

Postby JWolfman » March 24th, 2015, 9:13 am

The Furry Basketball Association's Developmental League has always strive to provide new opportunities for rookies, professional veterans, management and coaching staff to hone in their skills to prepare themselves for the FBA better. Whenever a player in the FBADL is called up by a FBA team to participate in their roster, we consider it a success toward reaching our goal with the players. As we congratulate the Omaha Shuckers for their championship run, we prepared ourselves for the upcoming season only to receive news that our President has decided to resign from his post for a new position within FBA upper-management.

Thankfully it took us only a few days to find a suitable replacement. Saul Tenamardi, a 47-year-old armadillo from Austin, Texas, has accepted our offer to become our next President, and we welcome him to take on the role of organizing our league. He has a long history with business and was a strong pillar of the Austin community's economy. In fact he was one of the primary figures in supporting the city in accepting the FBA's Texas Lone Stars as they moved from their previous location in Kansas City. From his very first day in office, President Tenamardi presented to us his grand plan for the future of the FBADL:

* Increase in player salaries to a maximum of $225,000 a year
* Expansion of the league from eight teams to ten
* Better outreach to our team communities
* A new schedule of 61 games, with the FBADL Finals ending a week before the FBA Trade Deadline

At the start of the FBADL's 2015-16 season, there will be a new Creation Draft for the entire league to include the two expansion teams (which are slated to be in Sedona, Arizona and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). From this point, all we can do is move forward and keep our goals of developing players, coaches, and front-office staff.
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