2014-15 D-League Summary

For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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2014-15 D-League Summary

Postby JWolfman » March 23rd, 2015, 11:44 pm

OOC: Okay, one thing to be clear here... this entire season had to be fast-simmed due to the fact that it OOCly started very late, and I decided to put in just 44 games for the league. I'll explain why later in official terms... maybe some contract talks issue that led to the upcoming management change IC? I don't know yet. Also because this had been fast-simmed, I did minimal changes on the coaching and roster line-ups, and the draft was done all simulated using an updated 2014-15 roster. Next season OOCly, I will do this more carefully and more deliberately. For now... just take this as it is. Also, concerning Harper Ross... I decided to 'nerf' him a bit after the results of this season. :P Anyway, enjoy!!


The 2014-2015 FBA Developmental League were dominated by two teams in opposing Conferences: The Connecticut Dots in the Eastern Conference and the Omaha Shuckers in the Western Conference. With the League team average at 71.7 points per game, the Dots lead with 80.3 points per game with Harper Ross (Arctic Fox, G) leading not just the Dots but also the entire league with an average of 19.8 points per game. Overall the Dots finished the season at 34-10, the best record in the season. The Omaha Shuckers meanwhile were close behind the Dots in many aspects in terms of team and player averages, lead by Sascha Selanne (Wolverine, G) and his 18.6 points per game in the season. The Shuckers finished the season at 33-11, but completely obliterated the rest of the Western Conference, with second-place finisher Idaho Mounties at 19-25, 14 games behind the Shuckers. Due to the Mounties' poor record however, three teams in the Eastern Conference qualified for the playoffs, with the Shuckers representing the lone Western team. All four teams were the only teams in the entire league with a record above .500 in the season.

The first rounds of the FBADL playoffs were the Shuckers against the Weston Tunnel Diggers and the Connecticut Dots against the Lexington Pioneers. Weston fought hard, but eventually collapsed against the overpowering Shuckers, and Omaha continued to the Finals winning four games to two. The Connecticut Dots however had an easier time against the Pioneers, heading to the Finals after winning four games to one.

Just as the majority of sports experts and fans predicted, the Finals were between the two opposing Conference powerhouses of the season. The Dots fired the first shot, winning Game One with a score of 84-70 against the Shuckers. Harper Ross was POTG, with 26 points, 3 rebs, 2 assists, and a greedy-grabbing 8 steals.

Then the Omaha Shuckers woke up, equalizing the series at Game Two by winning 95-83 led by 'Papa Nasty' Toby Papanastasopoulos' 30 points and earning him the POTG award. In Game Three, the Shuckers dominated again with a score of 82-70, this time with the POTG going to Sascha Selanne and his 28 points. In Game Four, it was yet another double-digit rout as the Shuckers defeated the Dots 78-66, with the POTG award going to Raelyn Munro (Scottish Crossbill, G) and her 26 points. One thing to note about this game was that Toby Papanastasopoulos only managed to score a grand total of 1 point.

Game Five of the Finals ended up being the most dramatic and nail-biting game of perhaps not only of the series, but the entire season as well. With their backs against the wall and facing elimination, the Connecticut Dots fought harder against the Shuckers than ever before in the series, and their season star player Harper Ross decided to stick behind the 3-pt arc for much of the team's offensive play. He nailed 11 out of 18 three-pointers, finishing the game with 46 points, the most out of any player in any team for any game this season.

But it was the last three-point attempt that Harper Ross will remember for the rest of his life. Despite his miraculous offensive shooting spree, his team still faced a one-point deficit against the Shuckers with three seconds left in the game. Dots teammate Wilter Strider (Kangaroo, F) threw the ball from outside the court and Ross caught it with the clock quickly running down. As the Omaha home crowd hushed with a worried panic, Ross leaped and shot the ball some 25 feet from the hoop, and all eyes from the teams and fans were on the ball as it arched in the air and then bounced twice along the rim as the clock buzzer sounded. Once the ball bounced off the hoop, the Omaha crowd roared in loud cheers and Harper Ross, the most dominant player in the game, fell to his knees and collapsed with his arms folded above his foxish head. The Omaha Shuckers won the final game of the season, 94-93, with POTG going to the eventual MVP of the Finals, Sascha Selanne due to his 27-point effort.

After the game, independent FBA reporter Karl Batista managed to find Harper Ross and asked him about the game. In no mood for a conversation, Ross only uttered the phrase "This isn't the f**ing end," and then brushed past the reporter without another word into the team locker room. Sadly, despite all he had done in the game, fans will likely remember him for 'that one last miss that ended his season'. Such as the way it often goes with sports.

To add salt to his wounds, he didn't even earn Season MVP honors. Instead that went to his Dots teammate Rikki Singh (Mongoose, G/F), earning a season average of 17.4 PPG and 5.7 RPG. The Defender of the Year award went to another teammate of the Dots, Shubhra Rajni (Indian Elephant, C). The Sixth Player of the Year award went to the Weston Tunnel Diggers' Jorge Vilata (Cat, G).
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