Typhoons' GM statement on Mexico game

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Typhoons' GM statement on Mexico game

Postby Harlow » October 4th, 2014, 11:20 pm

To the Tallahassee Typhoons:

We are marking a big point this season.

Mr. Macon Waldrop's idea of playing in Mexico City was indeed something bold and unexpected but, at the same time, I'd say a big stroke of genius. And the idea got on like wildfire. Vicente Sotomayor (Jaguar), spokesperson of the Secretariat of Public Education of the country, opened to the idea with much excitement, even offering full setup of the Vulpino Vázquez Stadium and partial coverage of the stay. It was reported tickets sold out quicker than expected and that furs are riling up to see this game, with a small, yet solid and growing percentage of tickets bought by non-local, but non-American furs.

This is having quite the impact.

What I ask for, is to keep your head high, be respectful, behave, because you'll be the "ambassadors" of not only for the team, but for the FBA. In the eyes of some here, even the smallest rookie could be as big of a player as Malone, Hopper or Caracal in a heartbeat. You'll be working, you'll be in your business. And is pretty much crucial to keep up the image you want to be seen with. Do you want to be seen as a diva plucked from the luxury apartment forced to go to another country or the scandal producer, culture offender? Or as a respectful player showcasing an inclusive and powerful spirit? You'll have your free time to tour around, maybe even mingle in the nightlife, but you'll be focusing on your training like every other game we have planned, and I expect you to treat this host city just like every other.

To make it short, we're making a lot of furs happy, and I hope you'll see the impact you'll manage to have on the population, even if you are "just" a rookie. You'll see that, not only on the state we are residing, but everywhere in the world, there can be furs hypnotized by the sounds of dribbling and the visual of the ball swishing in.

~Filippo Arango, Tallahassee Typhoons General Manager

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