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Tallahassee GM Suspended Indefinitely After Sex Scandal Surfaces

Posted: March 10th, 2017, 9:45 pm
by Harlow
Filippo Arango, the General Manager of the Tallahassee Typhoons', was given an “indefinite suspension” by the team's owners today after being spotted soliciting sexual favors from a 19-year-old prostitute in southern Miami. Upon further investigation, as many as six more confirmed instances came to light, dating back as long as April 2016. The source of the money used to purchase said services is still unclear, although allegations of it coming from the Typhoons' funds have been largely unproven. Methods of contact were varied, from a private cellphone, to the possiblity of using a staffer laptop to pose as his 15-year-old son on Facebook, with his flings posing as a high-school classmates.

“We just became aware of this last night,” team owner Merill Melech said in a statement. “Action has already been taken. We have no further comment.” Arango's media presence has been in constant decline over this season. Two weeks prior, it's been revealed Arango severed ties, with the prominent Miami Trumpeter, cancelling multiple interviews and not renewing the "Trumpeter Takeover" promo from last season.

Arango, who does confirm the recent affair, fanning the rumors going along since the start of 2017, said, “It is a personal matter that I will not dwelve on further. I'll avoid any unnecessary distractions for my team through the balance of the season and the development on this event.”

The General Manager is now being sued for divorce by his 43-year-old wife, the mother of his three pups. The case is still ongoing. An interim manager will be confirmed in the coming days.

Re: Tallahassee GM Suspended Indefinitely After Sex Scandal Surfaces

Posted: May 21st, 2017, 11:16 am
by Harlow
Confirmed: Tallahassee GM resigns, won't return for this year's playoffs and following seasons

Filippo Arango, who has been under private investigation for soliticing sexual favors in Florida, confirmed he will not return for the upcoming season. At the same time, Melech has revealed that the Cuban-American businessman is “no longer able to hold the GM position in the post-season”, even as investigations proved inconclusive.

Arango made its announcement in a press statement. The statement reads that, even if the investigations were unable to come to a conclusion, he confirms the one incident that sparked the ordeal, and as such can't continue to hold the position and has stepped down by his own accord.

Filippo Arango's Full Statement:

"I, Filippo Arango, admit my responsibility on the incident reported earlier this year and, on my own accord, will step down from the General Manager position. The reason for it, of course, is to unlink my former players from potentially being held accountable and criticized because of my actions. Actions that I ask will only be held against myself and no one else, neither my family or fellow employees.

I also ask for everyone who has fallen down this same path to take responsibility for your own actions, regardless if it was with your employers, bosses or any sort of situation that breaks any sort of norm or ethical principle, others around you do not have to suffer from your flaws, and taking responsibility is the only way to set yourself free from any other burden.

In this situation, I don't consider it possible to hold the Manager position anymore."